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Frank Walenta and Federigo Cannizzaro di Belmontino (ZEDRA): independent and entrepreneurial.

Clients worldwide, whether funds, management companies or family office, are looking for international expertise to cope with their complex challenges, but also the fundamentals of highest-quality service and fair pricing, say Federico Cannizzaro Di Belmontino and Frank Walenta, respectively managing directors and commercial director of independent trust, corporate and fund service provider ZEDRA.



What is Zedra’s Background

ZEDRA is owned by two families, as well as Bart Deconinck and staff. We are a specialist provider of trust, corporate and fund services which enables us to be both independent and entrepreneurial. ZEDRA is an international group with a presence in 14 offices around the world. Having identified our shared values, ZEDRA recently acquired Interconsult, which was established by four banks in 1992. Delivering the highest quality of service has always been our priority and remains the focus of our activity today. You may call us a bit old-fashioned in comparison with private equity-backed competitors that are always having to meet monthly profit targets, but the truth is that many clients are coming back to the fundamentals of service and fair pricing.


« Our Motto « Do more. Achieve more.» describes the energy

that drives us.»


How are your clients’ expectations evolving?

With all the new regulation now in place, there is no longer any margin of error. Our clients expect to deal with managers and accountants that have a deep understanding of their business. You can only achieve this if your employees stay with your company for the long term! Several of our colleagues have been here for more than 20 years, and the average is 13 years. Our motto “Do more. Achieve more.” describes the energy that drives us. One of the factors that enables us to deliver on this commitment is that ZEDRA offers all of its employees the opportunity to participate in its share scheme, which reinforces our entrepreneurial culture. We are convinced that whatever your sector, mind-set makes all the difference. ZEDRA is all about innovation and striving to find better ways of doing things for ourselves, and more importantly for our clients. Our 500-strong team of industry experts is dedicated to creating and delivering bespoke solutions to our clients’ increasingly complex challenges.



What challenges and opportunities do you see ahead for ZEDRA and for Luxembourg?

Being part of a global group allows us to develop new markets, including funds, family offices and management companies. All the expertise already exists within the group, so it is a matter of connecting the dots. The biggest challenges come from regulatory changes, which are ever more frequent, while the deadlines are shorter and shorter. Luxembourg needs to remain proactive and  solution-oriented while maintaining the highest compliance standards. Its legendary pragmatism and speed is one of the biggest assets in competing with other jurisdictions to attract international companies, investors and families. ZEDRA in Luxembourg provides the framework for existing and future clients to expand their businesses within the highest standards and very strong client-provider relationships, maintaining our hands-on approach as we grow.

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