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Irdelle Lagnide (YouCareWeCare): a holiday for caregivers.

During the peak of the Covid 19 pandemic, hospital staff did not spare any efforts. An initiative, which saw the light of day in Belgium, has recently taken root in Luxembourg too. would like to thank carers for their dedication and for the personal sacrifices they made.


Luxembourg first in class


In early 2020, after Asia, Europe experienced its first serious cases of Covid-19. The American continent and Oceania have followed. A spread that lead the World Health Organization (WHO) to employ the term pandemic. Luxembourg is actually doing relatively well in this area. As early as January, while the majority of European countries seemed to be playing down the risk, the Grand Duchy was erring on the side of caution. Fifty masks were distributed to each inhabitant. Cross-border workers, who are essential to the hospital system, could take advantage of hotel rooms. They also had access to tests, as did the general population. This is a virtuous model which has enabled Luxembourg to have one of the lowest mortality rates in the areas where the virus has been found. And to take in patients from countries whose emergency services could no longer handle the influx of infected people.

"Over 3,000 people have joined the initiative... And accommodation owners have already offered no less than 331 weeks of occupancy in 1007 vacant rooms"

YouCareWeCare: Thanking Caregivers


Hospital staff on the front line gave freely of their time, energy and sometimes their own health during the pandemic. There was an outpouring of the public's sense of gratitude. The applause of thousands of anonymous people for caregivers every night is testimony to this. YouCareWeCare was born out of this collective emotion, and it is an original concept: providing free holidays to the people who became our heroes - nurses, doctors, hospital workers... The platform offers them a stay in a holiday resort to recharge their batteries. The service is aimed exclusively at hospital staff who were on the front line at the height of the virus. The site states as an introduction: "It is obvious that these people are all worn out. And that they deserve to be cared for in turn". These shadow warriors, who fought an invisible enemy relentlessly, must have the opportunity to unwind after these extremely testing weeks and months.


The genesis and principle of the concept


The project, which originated in Belgium, now involves 22 countries. Luxembourg was quick to join the initiative. In mid-May, the idea appealed to Irdelle Lagnide, a resident of Bertrange. She quickly formed a team with Anne Reginster and Éric Mertens, two partners who were as enthusiastic as she was. She explains: "Over 3,000 people have joined the initiative... And accommodation owners have already offered no less than 331 weeks of occupancy in 1007 free rooms... I hope that the people of Luxembourg will also come forward and actively take part in the scheme... " The website for the Grand Duchy offers to post the owner’s proposals,  via an online form. Houses, apartments, gîtes... Hospital managers will then make contact with donors. And the allocation of the accommodation will be managed by an official to ensure fairness.

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