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Jean-Denis Diet and Manu Ribeiro (VBS): Growth through the digital transformation

At Victor Buck Services, digital transformation is omnipresent. That revolution must be supported and even anticipated to drive development. Interview with Jean-Denis Diet and Manu Ribeiro, head of sales and head of product management respectively. More information


How do you see VBS developing over the coming years?

Victor Buck Services is going to get closer to its clients and prospects to support them, with a particular focus on their digital transformation. As part of this approach, Victor Buck Services obtained the PSDC-DC certification in April 2017.


« We believe that continuous innovation will provide further business opportunities worldwide.»


How does the digital transformation have an impact on your profession?

Digital transformation is a dynamic process that must be embraced. Any modern company willing to thrive and be in line with its market must invest in the necessary means for its digital transformation. We’re seeing an unprecedented acceleration in change. More than ever, it is important for a company to challenge its business model in order to reinvent itself. The human aspect is a crucial factor in this approach, as the success or failure of such transformation relies primarily on people.


What risks and opportunities do you see for Luxembourg?

Luxembourg remains a reference financial centre in Europe and in the world, thanks to an attractive legal framework and the country’s innovative and dynamic ability to change. Luxembourg is equipped with a trailblazing legal framework in Europe in terms of the digitisation of analog documents with probative value. (PSDC = Digitisation or e-archiving service providers). We must continue in the same vein to remain at the cutting edge of innovation in these areas. Fintechs and blockchain, which have become two major subjects in Luxembourg and worldwide, are good examples. We believe that continuous innovation will provide further business opportunities worldwide. Finally, implemented solutions must be transposable beyond the borders of the country, just like the initiatives that have enabled the Grand Duchy to enjoy world-renowned success in investment funds within the UCITS framework. Victor Buck Services’ vision, its adaptability and its targeted partnerships will enable the company to offer a range of

complete solutions for increasingly demanding requests. These developments will take place in an international environment in which Victor Buck Services intends to play a significant role by strengthening its presence.






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