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House17: a second home

In the space of six years, House17 has established itself as the leading private club for Luxembourg’s businessmen and women. Designed to host professional and informal meetings, this space features many exclusive advantages which benefit its community. 

An exceptional place for exceptional members

Opened in January 2014, in the heart of Luxembourg city centre, House17 is a new kind of private club. The venue, which already has some 1,200 members, is primarily aimed at people with an international focus and interest, particularly businessmen and businesswomen who are curious, cultured and unafraid to reach out to others. Members enjoy lunches, dinners, drinks and even parties here. In addition to organising events on a regular basis, the club also gives its guests the opportunity to invite others to visit the venue, enabling everyone to meet new people and to expand their network. Luxurious, fully equipped and comfortable rooms are available to members and provide a relaxed yet neutral setting which is conducive to client meetings. To top it all off, House17 is strategically located in one of the highest parts of the city centre and enjoys some of the most beautiful views of the capital. To facilitate access, a valet parking service will be provided for all vehicles.

“The venue is primarily aimed at people with an international focus and interest, particularly curious and cultured businessmen and women.”

Thoughtful benefits for the community

Within the club, members belong to an exclusive community; this enables them to strengthen and to expand their network. In addition to enjoying free access to most of the events organised by House17, members can book rooms for free and can access over 300 private clubs around the world. Numerous locally and internationally renowned artists regularly exhibit their work at the club, showcasing their creations with private viewings and previews. In the restaurant, members can also enjoy seasonal dishes inspired by French cuisine, created under the guidance of an incredible chef, Alexandre Beck. The club has various sporting partnerships and offers preferential rates for a wide range of disciplines, including tennis, yoga and fitness.


Becoming the private club of tomorrow

The club intends to continue its development while further enhancing its international outreach. As such, House17 is expected to welcome a limited number of new members in the future. Moreover, the process has become more selective over the past two years or so to ensure that the club is home to an increasingly exceptional community. Emphasis will also be put on the organisation of new events, with a view to making the club a major venue for professionals from Luxembourg and around the world. Above all, the focus is on a single innovative objective: with its dynamism and its relaxed setting, House17 must become a space which meets both the professional and the personal expectations of its members.

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