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Jerome Bloch (360crossmedia): App #thegameofnumbers, the keys to performance

Success often depends on little: setting a goal to achieve, over a short period of time and keeping track of your performance. The purpose of the "The Game of Numbers" application is to share, encourage and reveal everyone's potential. Focus on the The Game of Numbers application with Jérôme Bloch, CEO of 36OCrossmedia.

Why did you develop the "TheGameofNumbers" application?


From one day to the next, everyone's performance can vary according to various factors such as dehydration, lack of sleep, stress... It is sometimes difficult to take a step back from one's effectiveness, so having a tool to analyze these fluctuations helps us to better understand and manage our performance. The development of the The Game of Numbers application is the result of this reflection. It makes it possible to define objectives, to have regular follow-up over a fixed period of time and to obtain a reward: a medal for each achievement accomplished. This builds confidence, motivation and self-esteem. As I describe in my book "The Game of Numbers", numbers are important in decision-making and performance.

"The Game of Numbers" application is designed to share, encourage and reveal everyone's potential"


How does it help you to perform better?


Having routines allows you to improve a particular skill first and then to get an idea of your state of mind. Setting an objective for a fixed period of time requires full commitment to the accomplishment of this mission. I have established a ritual around the daily resolution of "situations" on the Chess24 application, allowing me to solve five challenges per day. A rank is assigned based on my results. I ask my staff to do the same. This routine allows you to maintain a certain continuity, to seek excellence and to perform at your best. This is reflected in the work and the execution of missions. Measuring its effectiveness promotes regularity, diligence and perseverance. Being committed to a daily and demanding routine means being it at work.



For whom is it intended?


Anyone can use it. The Game of Numbers application can be downloaded for free in the App Store and very soon in Google Play Store. Simply create an account with an email address to launch your own challenges. This ranges from sports performance to the use of social networks and well-being. The beauty of the tool is to be able to report, keep a record and have proof of the achievement of your objective. It is possible to follow up on the Key Performance Revelator (KPR) that shows the number of days over which the objective has been met. For example, if the challenge is to increase the number of LinkedIn connections over two weeks, the KPR will be 14 days, otherwise it will drop to 1.

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