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Susanne Cardoso (Victor Buck Services): The culture of empowering people

Since 2014, Victor Buck Services has been involved in the Positive Actions Program of Luxembourg’s Ministry of Equal Opportunities. Various initiatives have been launched in this context, with a special focus on employees' well-being and work-life balance. This summer such initiatives have been rewarded with a Positive Actions Award from the Luxembourgish Ministry of Equal Opportunities. Susanne Cardoso, Head of Victor Buck Services' Human Resources department tells us a little bit more about the company’s corporate culture.

How would you define Victor Buck Services corporate culture?

At Victor Buck Services our corporate culture rests on a set of values we share with our employees. Values are important to set goals, motivate teams and unify individuals around the same vision. We cherish agility, excellence and integrity. For our corporate culture to be authentic, these have to be embodied by each and every employee. That is why people are encouraged to express their ideas. We want them to be involved in the company’s evolution and contribute effectively to the common success story. We apply a gender blindness policy, free of all forms of discrimination (even positive discrimination) when recruiting to guarantee equality of treatment and opportunities. This has resulted in a natural diversity built on passionate, dynamic and talented individuals. We are particularly proud of that.

« We invest in employees’ development to encourage curiosity and develop creative solutions»

Which tools and methods do you use to share it every day with your colleagues?

We have always paid close attention to our employees’ well-being and different measures have been set up to meet our employees’ expectations in that regard. For each of our 3 core values, we have a particular approach. We encourage agility from both customers’ and employees’ perspective. We have set up a flexible schedule policy allowing time management while providing the best service to our customers. Regarding excellence, regular trainings are organized to update our teams with the latest IT and industry trends. We also have a team dedicated to change management to prepare all employees for new technologies or organizational changes such as our upcoming smart factory project. In terms of integrity, internal communication is useful, but there is nothing like leading by example. It is something we must live by. Walk the talk. Fair treatment from the recruitment to termination.

How do you meet the challenges of recruiting and retaining the best people in the Grand Duchy?

We focus on employees’ development and well-being. Like the majority of the companies in Luxembourg, a huge number of our employees come from France, Belgium or Germany to work on our premises. Employees benefit from a flexible schedule to cope with commuter traffic; 14% of the staff work part time (33% men and 67% women) either combined with parental leave or simply as regular working schedule. We are also engaged in larger initiatives to improve our employees’ mobility. This involved us working with the Mamer commune to assign a special bus for the employees of our activity area. We invest in employees’ development to encourage curiosity and develop creative solutions. At Victor Buck Services we believe our success relies on each employee’s empowerment. Everyone can create their own career path as long as they demonstrate strong will to achieve their goals.

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