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Tom Michels and Samuel Faber (Salonkee): digital aesthetics

Salonkee, a Luxembourgish start-up that offers digital solutions applied to the beauty sector, has just raised €1 million to support its growth. Interview with its two founders, Tom Michels and Samuel Faber.


Can you describe Salonkee in a few words?


Launched in March 2017, Salonkee is quickly becoming the Luxembourg online booking platform for hairdressing, beauty and well-being appointments. Today, several thousand users use our services every week. Over time, Salonkee has positioned itself as more than just an online booking platform. Today, we offer our partner salons innovative and complete management solutions. Smart online bookings, automated confirmation and reminder SMS, informative analysis and a fully integrated cash register system are some of our most popular features. In this way, we help our partner salons to stay one step ahead of the competition. To date Salonkee has a strong presence in the Luxembourg, Belgian and Portuguese markets, which we intend to develop in the coming months and years.

"We have a single objective: to provide exceptional service to our customers. We always want to exceed their expectations and trigger a "wow" of satisfaction!"


How do you respond to your customers' requests?


The beauty sector has very complex needs in terms of appointment scheduling. The creation of Salonkee, in close collaboration with professionals in the sector, helps us to ensure that we best meet the different requirements of all types of salons and spas. Our clients include hair salons, masseurs, beauty salons, nail studios and spas. All of them have very specific needs. We make sure that our solution can perfectly suit each of the establishments with a single objective: to offer a quality service to our customers. We always want to exceed their expectations and trigger a "wow" of satisfaction!

What are the next steps in the development of Salonkee?


Since March 2017, we have focused our efforts on strengthening our strong position on the Luxembourg market, an objective achieved in less than 24 months in startup mode, and with relatively modest resources. Today, the solidity and sustainability of our model have been confirmed with a successful €1 million fundraising campaign, that will enable us to support our national development while accelerating our international growth. In Luxembourg, as elsewhere, the beauty and aesthetics markets are following the global trend of digital transformation: we are ready to support our customers in this process. Thanks to advanced technological development and a service that places customers at the center of our concerns and expectations, we intend to position Salonkee as a major player on the European stage.

Picture credit : Salonkee

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