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Robert Mazur: The Infiltrator

Robert Mazur, author of “The Infiltrator” and an expert on money laundering techniques reveals how he could help Luxembourg authorities in the matter. Interview.


After all the recent regulatory changes, how easy or difficult is it today to launder money?

The one thing regulators cannot regulate is morality. Many of the troubling things we witness in the financial markets are the result of greed. Until we can develop practices within the financial markets that compensate good character we will, unfortunately, continue to endure the catastrophes we've witnessed over the past several decades.   


“The one thing regulators cannot regulate is morality.”

Would you be able to infiltrate the Colombian mafia in 2019, given the technology they could use to perform due diligence on you? 

I believe I could infiltrate the Colombian mafia in 2019. As they have improved their technology, the "good guys" have improved theirs. I wouldn't want to share my insights about how I would do that with anyone other than with "the good guys".


If you were to infiltrate the mafia again today, how would you launder money?  

I would start by talking to a law firm known for its unscrupulous and efficient approach. Word of mouth! Secondly, I would create a strategy that uses locations such as Africa or Asia and stays as far away as possible from the United States as the fight against money laundering in that country is progressing at a dizzying pace. Furthermore, the sentences are extremely heavy.


How can you help professionals and authorities in Luxembourg remain compliant?

Part of that involves sharing with them my experience, but that also includes sharing my insights about how my experience relates to what's happening today in the money laundering world. Thanks to the team that built the structure from which I speak - meaning the 200+ law enforcement officers that worked on Operation C-Chase- I have a unique opportunity to couple that experience with extensive study of what is happening today in the underworld from the money laundering perspective.  I am extremely motivated to share that experience and insight. I feel it is my obligation to do this and I hope I inspire people to identify and focus on the key issues that will enable them to become part of making a difference.

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