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Jerome Bloch (360Crossmedia): the outsiders celebrate their 20th anniversary

360Crossmedia is celebrating its 20thanniversary, one year after opening its first concept store in Luxembourg. The brand is well known in the Grand Duchy but more people are finding out more about 360Crossmedia's activities as it expands its services beyond the financial sector.​

Can you present 360Crossmedia's activities in brief? 

We have 3 key areas of focus: firstly, there’s the communications agency, specialising in design sprints. With this powerful and interactive technique, we create websites, brochures, videos, magazines and event concepts in 3 hours or 1 day. Secondly, there’s the accredited training centre which offers high-impact training on 7 subjects, including leadership, human resources and communication. Our third area of focus is innovation, with different apps and the 360Box which makes it possible to produce corporate videos, without editing, for €10 and even less.

“We believe there’s a real gap in the international market for a company combining design sprints, consulting and innovation.”

Your company is celebrating its 20thanniversary but you still call yourself “outsiders”. Why?

I arrived in Luxembourg in 1995 as a golf pro and discovered an El Dorado for entrepreneurs. This made it possible for me to achieve my dream of creating a communications agency from nothing. From the very beginning, I felt that the raison d'être of such a company was its ability to offer an alternative to established Luxembourg agencies such as Mikado, Binsfeld or Comed. We adopted an outsider's stance on the assumption that if we were from Luxembourg, we would, as a matter of principle, choose an agency in the Grand Duchy. To break through, we were forced to be faster, cheaper, better: sometimes all three! This stimulated our creativity and we ended up creating three renowned business magazines: Andy, Duke and China. We continued by creating hundreds of free corporate magazines, produced in 3 hours, innovative digital solutions such as MyOfficialStory, corporate videos for €10 with the 360Box and various unlikely projects, including the book “Luxembourg Mon Amour”, the “Vendanges Luxembourgeoises” on rue Philippe II and the “Hole in One Challenge” on Place de la Constitution. We owe this incredible creativity to the fact that we have always stepped outside our comfort zone, despite our continued success over the last 20 years.

How do you see the company’s future?

Ever since the company was founded and as a consequence of our “outsider” status, we have always looked abroad. We serve clients in 6 countries, with our 3-hour and 1-day workshops and with our very digital approach to agency business. The opening of our concept store in Bonnevoie has paved the way for us: we want to open more stores in several other major cities to enable companies of all sizes to communicate effectively, quickly and at a competitive price. For example, we already offer video interviews for €150 in our studio in Luxembourg and projects are completed in one hour. We think that this is the future. Big agencies may serve you champagne, but they take 2 weeks to make an offer, they send you proposals with one too many zeros and many end up bankrupt. We believe there’s a real gap in the market for a company combining design sprints, consulting and innovation. We intend to occupy it!

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