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Odette Tonnaer (Yoaké): The ultimate spa

High-end treatments in luxurious surroundings, designed according to Feng-Shui principles to stimulate the senses. Yoaké provides a unique experience, worlds away from Luxembourg.


Can you describe Yoaké in a few words?

Yoaké means “dawn” in Japanese: the rising sun with its glorious rays. Our treatments have been carefully created so that clients leave feeling completely recharged and refreshed, like they’ve just had a good night's sleep. Right by Luxembourg City’s green space, Yoaké is an oasis of calm, relaxation and harmony. Ancient healing traditions combine with contemporary and innovative techniques to offer a holistic spa experience for mind, body and soul.


« We’ve noticed that there’s an increased awareness that each person should manage his or her own health. »



How is your concept unique?

Our concept promotes longevity through treatments which boost the body’s health without disrupting its natural intelligence. So there are treatments to detoxify the body, massages to soothe and release muscular tension, deep relaxation treatments to combat insomnia, Ayurvedic treatments to stimulate the body’s energy flow, specific treatments for men and treatments for pregnant women, all provided by spa professionals. Yoaké focuses on products which include the most precious natural ingredients and treatments for the face and body created by two famous cosmetics companies, Aromatherapy Associates London and Comfort Zone of Parma. They share the same philosophy as we do. We also offer that little something extra by working with external providers to offer “guest treatments”. Highly-qualified people in their field travel several times a year from Hong Kong, Honolulu and France. Our clients really appreciate this, because it enables them to experience treatments which don’t really exist in Luxembourg.


How do you see Yoaké and the spa world developing over the next few years?

Our spa will continue to develop as society changes. We keep up with our clients’ way of life by adapting our services. There’s a trend for treatments which focus on sleep and stress management. We’ve noticed that there’s an increased awareness that each person should manage his or her own health. When diagnosed with illnesses, our clients seek spa treatments alongside medical treatment to soothe heart and mind. This puts them in the best frame of mind to heal. Lastly, the company, which is very active on the internet and on social networks, communicates with a large community of internet users on a wide range of subjects, from health advice to healthy living. Our online platform for booking treatments and buying gift vouchers offers a quality user experience, which forms part of Yoaké’s high-quality service.









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