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Nuni: The golf attitude

NUNI Paris Saint-Tropez is the story of golf enthusiasts who come together to work on an exciting and truly innovative project. The brand represents everything that is alive, refreshing, sharp and optimistic!

The NUNI team met for the first time in 2003 to create a collection that brings together the best-selling points of a cutting-edge golf brand. At NUNI, we create for the sheer enjoyment of golf and outdoor sports, finding inspiration in our travels and experiences all over the world. You can take NUNI with you everywhere – its unique colourful logo symbolizes diversity and equality, and its products offer technical savvy, savoir-faire and design.

"A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing."


Fully designed and conceptualised in France, NUNI invades the greens with its French touch. It is proud of its origins and brings genuine renewal, offering a colourful collection with neo-retro inspired designs, while playing with the codes of luxury and sportswear. NUNI mixes technical aspects and design, making it perfectly inimitable.

Our collections are known around the world for being joyful, modern and noticeably different from any other golf brand. Our lively team has been working enthusiastically on this project for two generations. NUNI, an acronym for the famous expression “Never up, never in”, has always inspired us to go further and higher by pushing our limits.

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