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Only in Lyon

« Une gâche », « un mâchon », « rouiller »... These words may seem strange, but they are part of the vocabulary of the people of Lyon. Lyon and its inhabitants cultivate their uniqueness in their language, in their heritage and their proud claim to originate from this part of France.



Capital of the Gônes

From the Gallo-Roman remains to the contemporary structure of the Musée des Confluences and the maze of Traboules of the Vieux Lyon, the city has grown and adapted over the centuries, taking advantage of its river and land assets. The varied heritage gives the city its uniqueness and, according to the Journal des Arts, makes it the second largest cultural city in France. The Lyon Metropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the second largest Renaissance site in the world after Venice. Culture is an important part of Lyon's history, and the Rhône-Alpes capital is full of museums and places that host all kinds of artistic events. Among them, the Maison de la Danse, the Opera and the Museum of Fine Arts.


"Lyon, the first city to make its name a trademark, is dynamic and attractive."

City of gastronomy

A good city tour also appeals to the stomach because here, culture rhymes with food. Lyon's gastronomy has its origins in bourgeois, but also popular folklore. Lyon's inhabitants became aware of the attractive potential of their culinary traditions following the silk crisis in the 1930s. They then tried to exploit this tourist potential by organizing various events around the culinary arts. The Bouchons of the Vieux Lyon generally offers a simple and friendly cuisine with many salty specialties (grattons, cervelle de canut, rosette...) and sweet dishes (bugnes, Coussin de Lyon). The Halles Paul Bocuse, as well as the institute and the breweries of the same name, offer a more upscale cuisine, a must on the Lyon culinary circuit.


An international influence

Lyon, the first city to make its name a trademark, is dynamic and attractive. It focuses on its various activities, helping to strengthen its openness to the world. It currently has 24 international partners. Every year, about 150,000 foreign students settle there for a semester or more. The city is also at the heart of various world events, such as the Lumière Film Festival or the Fair of Lyon. The Festival of Lights, now a source of inspiration around the world, is the most anticipated event of the year. The enthusiasm for this artistic event is estimated at nearly two million visitors over four days. The Lyon metropolis also enjoys the reputation of many internationally renowned personalities, such as Karim Benzema and Paul Bocuse.

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