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Luc Lutot (LuxNetwork): data at the heart of businesses

For Luc Lutot, protecting data is the future for IT. Interview with LuxNetwork’s CEO.


Can you introduce LuxNetwork in a few words?

LuxNetwork, founded in 2012, joined the NomoTech group in 2014. After acquiring Telecom Luxembourg’s business in November 2016, the company expanded from 4 employees and a revenue of €1 million to 25 employees and revenue of €10 million. Our services, which are exclusively for businesses, focus on 3 main areas: connectivity (internet access and secure site interconnections), data protection and the cloud. Significant investments have enabled an overhaul of infrastructure, the creation of a European network and a presence in the United States and Asia, in New York and Singapore respectively. LuxNetwork works both with Luxembourg-based companies on their national and international projects and with international players who want to begin operations in Europe. They choose us for the resilient network we offer them.


« The Grand Duchy understood the importance of protecting data very early on. »



How do you improve the security of your clients’ data?

We’ll soon be able to ensure GDPR 2018 compliance (General Data Protection Regulation, editor’s note) which will come into force in May next year. This European regulation heralds the direction in which our business is going: data protection is becoming key. To better counter the DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) type attacks which are so common these days, LuxNetwork has developed cutting-edge protection technology in partnership with Acorus Network. This solution ensures continuity of service for clients and is based on an algorithm which develops by learning from each attack. LuxNetwork is also able to offer encryption across its entire network, to encrypt any client’s incoming and outgoing communications between two sites. We’re actively working on obtaining ISO 27001 certification, focused on security and risk management. This certification will enable us to improve our internal processes and to guarantee better security for our clients. It will give us access to new markets.


How do you see Luxembourg and the telecoms sector developing over the next few years?

Luxembourg is a central point within Europe. The country has quickly understood the importance of protecting data and the upcoming GDPR confirms this. Today's investments define the next few years and offer recognition and positioning as a European crossroads for IT in terms of data security and transporting information. Data centres offer the TIER 4 standard for the highest quality services in terms of hosting. The country ranks highly among countries across the world which offer secure data storage.

As part of a market worth a billion euros, LuxNetwork anticipates growth of 8 to 10% a year, both for its revenue and for its workforce.









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