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Kenneth Graham (Tomorrow Street): start-up and scaling-up

Kenneth Graham, the CEO of Tomorrow Street for the last year and a half, spoke to us about his objectives and vision for the future in the context of the health crisis. 


What changes have there been at Tomorrow Street over the last year?


It’s been a big year. We have evolved in the way we work within the Vodafone ecosystem. This helps us ensure that we are well positioned to find and grow late-stage startups that can really support Vodafone’s goals and strategic objectives. Our portfolio companies have secured business with Vodafone, moving them from being merely exciting startups/scaleups with potential, to being true strategic partners generating new revenue opportunities and offering support to Vodafone’s digital transformation. Furthermore, we have identified some great new scaleups that we are embedding into the Vodafone ecosystem. We have also signed new corporate partnerships to strengthen our startup pipeline and help our portfolio companies scale across the globe. We continue to extend our network in Luxembourg, and we can do more in this direction. We have changed some responsibilities in the team to ensure a clear focus on actively engaging with the ecosystem. For me personally, it’s been important to get connected in Luxembourg during my first year in the country. I’ve met some great people and I’m really looking forward to meeting many more as the lockdown restrictions on business and social interactions are eased. 


“We are in a great position to scan the landscape for the most promising innovations and help companies scale across our global network.” 

What are your objectives as CEO?


I started as CEO on 1 July 2019. I’m really pleased with the progress we have made as a team over this period, embedding Tomorrow Street into the fabric of Vodafone’s innovation agenda. I’m excited about the opportunity we have to bring leading-edge technology to the Vodafone ecosystem, at a time when they are transitioning from being a Telco to a fully-fledged Tech Comms company. I am confident that Tomorrow Street will play an important role. I've been impressed and inspired by the commitment and focus of organisations and individuals driving the startup ecosystem forward in Luxembourg. With our operating model within Vodafone now tuned to ensuring we can scale companies successfully, I am really looking forward to putting more energy into the Luxembourg ecosystem, playing our part in attracting great companies and great people to the country. A high performing team with a positive dynamic is vital for any business. I am fortunate to have excellent people who can roll up their sleeves and deliver on today's objectives, but also have an eye on the future. I need to ensure that as a team we continue to learn, adapt, and grow to ensure Tomorrow Street is a great success for Vodafone and Luxembourg for the years ahead.


What opportunities do you identify for Tomorrow Street in particular, and innovation in general over the coming two years? 


Many aspects of the way we work, live and play will change forever after the pandemic, and this is generating a massive amount of new innovation and re-positioning of existing innovative tech. Recent months have also demonstrated that organisations can transform their businesses at a pace they did not believe possible. We are fortunate to be in a great position to scan the landscape for the most promising innovations and help companies scale across our global network. We have an ambitious team that wants to make the biggest impact possible, so there are exciting times ahead!

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