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Junhaeng Lee (GOPAX): Asset Tokenisation

Junhaeng Lee, CEO of GOPAX shares his insights on tokenisation, the development of fintech industry and the growth of his company in the upcoming year. Interview.

Could you present GOPAX in a few words?


GOPAX is the most trusted crypto exchange in South Korea. Operating in Korea and South East Asia, GOPAX has most advanced technology and security in our region.  

“All assets that “can” be tokenized will be tokenized.” 

How is the Fintech industry evolving in South Korea and Asia?


In Korea, the “tech” part of “Fintech” is very strong, but the “fin” part has been struggling with the legacy regulatory framework of state-led, centrally planned economy.  However, upcoming regulations for open banking and virtual asset service providers are expected to have positive impact in the development of fintech industry. 

Why did you choose to join VNX?

We share the view on asset tokenization: all assets that “can” be tokenized will be tokenized. Also, we love the values and business approach of VNX. 


Where do you see your company in the next 12 months?


We expect to have much growth in the next 12 months. GOPAX is expected to become the first licensed exchange in Korea. We expect more growth in GOPAX Indonesia and Thailand. Also, we expect to work with Korea’s private and public sector stakeholders as well as VNX in developing and launching asset-backed tokens and its related technology and products that have unique value propositions.

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