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Christian Kratz (Investify): low-cost asset management

Investify offers its users personalized support and advice on the financial markets and investment opportunities adapted to their demande. Interview of

Christian Kratz, founder and managing director of investify.


Can you describe investify in a few words?

investify is very active in two business areas. The focus is on the B2B business, where investify TECH acts as a technology and regulatory provider for the investment business. The main products that investify builds for partners are digital asset management solutions, robo-advisors and routes for fund sales. Our solutions are used in branch and online sales. If required, our product offering includes all processes from digital onboarding to customer service (end-to-end solution). Thanks to the broad range of services, our B2B partners can focus on their core competencies. If necessary, we also take care of the regulatory obligations. With all of our products, we use the platform approach and the automation of processes to ensure that not only high-quality but also efficient and affordable solutions are created. In addition to the B2B business, investify also operates a high-performance B2C robo-advisor offering. investify will develop this further in the next few months together with a partner.

"We have been able to win a Reg- and FinTech expert (Georges Bock) for our board of directors, who is very well connected.”"

What have been your development challenges, and how did you overcome them?

In recent years, we have evolved from a B2C robo-advisor to a B2B partner for financials and non-financials. In connection with this, we have built the modular iP3 platform. In this process, it was important to create extensive white label functionalities, from branding to onboarding processes, asset management and reporting. As a result, we can individually adjust to our B2B partners in the best possible way – without causing high costs for the partner. In terms of effort, these steps are equivalent to a complete rebuilding of the company. But what counts is: Looking back, the Pivot was very successful for us. Today, like any fast growing company, we make an effort to manage this growth path. Certainly an essential task is to get the right people on board, who help driving and shaping growth and the company as a whole.

How do you see Investify evolve for the next two years?

We want to continue our strong growth in the B2B area in the coming years and win banks, insurance companies, fund companies and asset managers etc. as partners. In Germany we are already very successful and have been able to win a couple of well-known B2B partners (Sopra, Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee, ICM InvestmentBank etc.) – but in Luxembourg and later on, in other areas of Europe as well, we also want to seize market share and continue our successful course there. In order to put down roots even more in Luxembourg, we have been able to win a Reg- and FinTech expert (Georges Bock) for our board of directors, who is very well connected. He will help driving our business model. In addition, we are also looking for a strategic partner company in the coming months, that wants to support our expansion course and has suitable resources for this. Of course, we will also continue to develop on the technological side – this is what the platform and the business model are all about.

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