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Client onboarding: challenges, opportunities and lesson learned

In the innovation space, some of the most effective new solutions are not building eco-systems from scratch, they are creating them by linking together and connecting up the dots between multiple industry-best incumbents. This is particularly true for DLT solution like the HQLAX Operating Model.


When the clients being onboarded to an eco-system are large highly regulated entities with mature and well- established policies and procedures, the onboarding activities, bi-directional KYC, risk-assessments and other documentation exchanges could appear to require a lot of coordination and patience.

“HQLAX Business Development and Client Onboarding team
partners with our clients to provide a first-class customer
experience throughout the platform onboarding process.”
Business Development Team

At HQLAX, our dedicated onboarding team works closely with our clients, providing a single point of contact and coordination throughout the entire onboarding process. With the experience gained from onboarding our initial clients who went live in November 2019 and the feedback they provided, we
further simplified and streamlined the onboarding process.

The main streams of the HQLAX onboarding journey are outlined in the flow chart on the following page.

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