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Adrien Rollé (Finimmo):

Corporate service providers 2.0

For Finimmo CEO Adrien Rollé, corporate service providers today must adapt not only to technological innovations, but also to the new expectations of their customers.



What differentiates you from other corporate service providers?

Essentially, we try to differentiate ourselves by the competence of our teams, mainly comprising university graduates. I think we are also one of the innovative companies in our sector as we offer very transparent pricing, suitable for all the types of business we serve, and this at all the different stages of their development. For example, we have created a platform dedicated to start-ups offering certain services in a spirit of partnership. Many market players still too often invoice their services on a per-hour basis without any real analysis of the work carried out and for tasks which today can be completely integrated in management systems. To satisfy all profiles, we adopt a common sense approach by budgeting for the annual workload with the client and offering packaged services. This lets us give entrepreneurs and investors visibility, thereby laying the foundations for a relationship of trust.


« Our aim is to enable our customers to focus on their company’s management and development strategy, with the strength of a real partnership behind them. »


Is this a new business model?

Let’s just say that it’s a model adapted to our times.

Finimmo is constantly investing in dematerialization of the accounting process so as to move towards the "0 paper" objective - offering any of its customers who wish to do so, the chance to intervene directly in this process - and at the same time automating the simple and repetitive tasks. This new platform also allows our customers to consult their business’s financial information in real time and remotely. Our growth has been recurrent in recent years, perhaps because we depart from the clichés of our profession: we are not a one-stop-shop! Our managers are generalists who can identify problems and then refer our customers to the most competent specialists, which is a real win-win situation for all stakeholders. Our aim is to enable our customers to focus on their company’s management and development strategy, with the strength of a real partnership behind them.


How do you imagine the future of Luxembourg?

In very optimistic terms... Luxembourg should benefit from the political instability of its neighbours... not to mention Brexit, which gradually seems to be having positive repercussions on the market. We are convinced that Luxembourg, as in the past, will always be able to put forward “that something extra" which allows it to differentiate itself from its competitors, especially now that implementation of the Jeremy Rifkin strategic study should definitively allow the country to concretely enter the third industrial revolution.

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