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Xénia Ashby & Ilana Devillers (F4A): WITH F4A, YOU CAN #EATTODAY !

Xénia Ashby & Ilana Devillers share their views on the disaster that is food waste and their solution oriented Startup. Interview:

Where does your idea come from?

During our studies, we came to the conclusion that keeping a restricted budget and eating healthy was problematic. Moreover, our generation is highly concerned about the future of our planet. As we dug deeper on that matter, we were shocked to find out how much food was wasted each year on a human level, especially the portion of food that was still perfectly consumable.


There is a huge gap between the food wasted and the lack of ability to afford healthy nutrition. That is why, our goal is to offer the ability for all to buy consciously and to have a positive impact on our planet. Moreover, the world is in need for such solutions, so we knew that IT WAS time to bring F4A to the market and find a win-win solution to fight an international issue. With F4A, only YOU can make a change! Our concrete win-win solution gives the opportunity 4 ALL to be a hero fighting food waste on a supermarket level and all that by simplifying the horrible chore of grocery shopping!

What is your current situation?


Luxembourg is the perfect springboard for F4A, where we are fist movers. F4A is a Startup currently in development in Luxembourg, with its two first contracts in place Delhaize and. Pall Center, whilst pursuing negotiations with some big players in the market cross-borders. F4A is continuously innovating to satisfy the growing customer’s needs and find hyperpersonalized solutions for all. Not only do we give a second chance to those products, we also offer our Food Waste Heroes amazing features on our App, facilitating their daily shopping routine. To give you a small insight: we offer daily video recipes to push the consumers to cook (and become the next best chef) on a daily basis with the products from the stocks as well as the positive impact you have had thanks to F4A. Discover more services by downloading the App available on IOS and Google Play (“F4A”). We are also very proud to announce that F4A has been selected among the very selective Fit4Start program as well as winning the Leymah Gbowee Social Impact Award 2019 at the Arch Summit.

How do you see the company evolving?


Why Luxembourg? In the environmental field, Luxembourg would like to see itself at the top. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to tackle the food waste at a national level with the government’s objectives on our side. But we do not plan to stop at Luxembourg, food waste is an international issue and that is where F4A sees itself: We have a worldwide vision as we want to be the leaders of our generation on this matter. In a future step and knowing that we will have the power to distribute primary supplies to people in need, we will design eco-friendly vending machines, enabling them to have access to our services.

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