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Séverine Watrin (DHL): Instantaneous courier solutions

Séverine Watrin, customer service & marketing manager, says DHL Luxembourg leverages high-tech and instantaneous solutions to provide great quality of services to their customers.


Can you present your e-commerce service in brief?​

In the digital era and with the rapid development of online shopping, many traditional and online retailers in Luxembourg are seeking to expand their business to neighbouring countries or further afield. Imagine the scene: a Japanese consumer stumbles upon an online store, based in Luxembourg, and finds the perfect product. Even better: the store offers international express delivery services with DHL, a brand which is known all over the world. The consumer can shop with confidence; his or her parcel immediately begins its journey across our global network, without ever leaving DHL’s care. Two days after ordering, a DHL carrier delivers the parcel directly to the Japanese customer. The online store in Luxembourg has gained a happy and - we hope - loyal customer. In short, we create a link and help online retailers in Luxembourg to reach customers who have hitherto seemed inaccessible.

«The consumer can shop with confidence. his or her parcel immediately begins its journey across our global network, without ever leaving DHL’s care.»

How do you adapt to your clients’ requirements?

We offer online retailers a range of services. First of all, we offer transparent and comprehensive IT integration of our delivery services on their online store. So when a buyer places an online order and chooses an express delivery with DHL, the online retailer just needs to prepare the parcel. We’re already on the way to pick it up and take it to its destination. The processes for transferring data and sending a delivery person for collection are automatic. What’s more, satisfying our clients means responding to their clients’ requirements. We’ve developed a tool for on-demand delivery. It gives online shoppers the ability to track their order in real time and request delivery to the address of their choice, at a time that suits them. For example, they can change their delivery address at the last minute and have their order delivered to their workplace, their neighbour’s house or a collection point. This ensures a positive customer experience. These are just some of the benefits of DHL Express for clients who want to expand their online business. But there are other services too: an easy returns policy and efficient customs services. These services ensure a flawless delivery experience and take the hassle out of shopping. In short, both online shoppers and online retailers require reliability, simplicity, speed, flexible delivery and easy returns. That’s exactly what we provide!

What challenges and opportunities can you see in the medium term?

There are great opportunities, given the crazy speed at which e-commerce is growing. In fact 16 billion smart devices across the globe are online right now. The consumers who own them are looking for ways to buy products quickly, from all over the world. It is estimated that 2.1 billion people will shop online by 2020 and that $900 billion will be generated by cross-border e-commerce by then. Luxembourg is in an excellent position in this respect. Our local industries and businesses offer quality products with significant added value, we’re ideally located in the middle of Europe and the Greater Region, we speak a wide range of languages and cultural diversity is the norm for us. For that matter, according to recent data, the Grand Duchy “is the country which is most ready to benefit from e-commerce” (source: UNCTAD BtoC Index 2017). At DHL Express, our challenge is to remain focused on our clients' needs and the constantly changing market. We must adapt as well so that we continue to provide a relevant service and help our clients to achieve their goals. 

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