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Amaury de Viviès and David de Mas (Davidson Consulting Luxembourg): culture and scale

Amaury de Viviès and David de Mas, respectively Managing Partner and Associate Director, discuss growth and new services from Davidson Consulting, awarded Best Place To Work and B Corp certified. Interview.

What have been the main developments at Davidson Consulting in 2019?


Amaury de Viviès (AV): Davidson Luxembourg has just welcomed its 60th employee, and strengthened its management team. Having contributed significantly to the company’s development, David became Associate Director of the Luxembourg structure to support future growth. It should also be noted that our recruitment processes is strongly supported by our Best Place To Work title and B Corp certification - for companies with a positive social impact - which attract the best talent.

David de Mas (DM): The subsidiary in the Grand Duchy is growing in sync with the group. Davidson Consulting has more than 3,000 employees worldwide, following the opening of offices in North America and Dubai. With a wide range of areas of expertise, we can answer to calls for tenders around the world.

“We reamain a reference partner to support our customers in the technological impacts of regulatory changes.”

How do you adapt to your clients’ expectations?

AV: Our clients are looking for targeted experts. To meet their needs, we encourage our talents to develop their skills by an open bar training policy. This helps to improve quality and to broaden both our staff’s skill sets and our services.

DM: One of our teams is also deploying agility best practices – a method which encourages a rapid and flexible response to change – of a major Luxembourg bank. We also digitise contracts for local insurance. These are just two examples of services which provide high added value for financial institutions in the Grand Duchy.

Which challenges and opportunities do you anticipate for Davidson Consulting and Luxembourg?


AV: For over ten years, our clients have been faced with the regular implementation of new regulations. This phenomenon is likely to continue in the coming years, as shown by the introduction of IFRS 17 and the revision of the Solvency II Directive. These new constraints generate significant demand from companies for project management, development and data analysis. Our specific methodologies enable us to start working on these projects quickly while anticipating future regulatory changes, without compromising the work which has already been undertaken.

 DM: At the same time, we are increasingly focused on new technologies and Big Data issues. For example, Davidson Luxembourg has just developed a program able to anticipate the price evolution of raw materials and a mathematical model dedicated to predicts risk investment and profitability of probabilities.

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