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Thomas Nielsen (Coach at Home): Exercise at work: the perfect combination

Promoting exercise within companies helps to combat absenteeism and contributes to better team bonding. A winning approach in terms of productivity as Thomas Nielsen, director of Coach at Home, explains.

Do exercise and work always go together well?


Employee health has a direct impact on absenteeism within a company. Two groups of factors contribute to it. There are external factors which are specific to the employee and internal factors which are the direct responsibility of the company.  Occupational health issues, such as musculoskeletal disorders, are increasingly common. Employees who are under pressure and suffer with headaches, neck and back ache are understandably less efficient, often absent and subject to burn-out, which has a negative impact on company productivity. One in four workers in Luxembourg in 2017 displays signs of burn-out, a statistic which has unfortunately increased since 2014 (when it was one in five).

Employers must therefore offer win-win solutions through occupational health prevention to motivate employees, to improve the general working environment and to boost company performance. These key issues are worth the cost.



Exercise at work benefits both employees and employers.

How do Luxembourg companies tackle this issue?


Legislation in Luxembourg obliges employers to take all necessary measures to protect the health and safety of their employees. Some companies truly embody the idea that employee health and wellbeing must be a key part of any socially responsible company. Companies which work with Coach at Home offer their employees different group classes (running, cardio boxing, stretching, etc.), often during their lunch break. Others have gyms which employees can use, but this isn’t always ideal because employees may not have enough time or feel sufficiently motivated. Lastly, let’s not forget the companies which ask us to organise conferences and day-long events on health which are always very successful.


What do you offer with your “Fit for Business” workshops?


A very simple rule governs all our work: exercise must always be accessible to everyone. No need to join a gym or buy specific equipment! By combining bodyweight exercises and our know-how, we show that everyone can achieve results quickly. We aim to teach exercises which are easy to copy and help to improve people’s quality of life.

Everyone needs to be reminded that exercise at work is key to wellbeing and health, offering a different approach for both employees and employers. Indeed, employers can be inspired by our coaches’ methods to improve team bonding and to strengthen teamwork, leading their teams towards a common goal: the company’s positive performance. Not only does this sense of wellbeing help to develop employee loyalty by strengthening employees’ commitment to their companies, it also helps to combat absenteeism.

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