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Cindyrella Amistadi (MultiConcept Fund Management S.A) : ManCo Rising

MultiConcept Fund Management S.A. ("MCFM"), a management company for third-party clients of Credit Suisse Group, has been established in Luxembourg since 2004. MCFM is a "SuperManco" that holds the license to act as UCITS Management Company and Alternative Investment Fund Manager (“AIFM”). It covers services for several asset classes including real estate, loans and private equity. Interview with Cindyrella Amistadi, CEO of this company with a bright future.


How has MultiConcept Fund Management S.A. recently developed?

I joined Credit Suisse Group in 2015 and with the team in place, we have been focused on consolidating the company’s structure while supporting asset growth of around 50% over the past two years. Several experts have joined the team in order to focus on the development of our customer base, especially in the field of non-liquid products. During this period, MCFM has activated its AIFM license  to manage real estate, private equity ("PE/RE") [TB1] and loans funds - in addition to the UCITS management company licence previously granted. It is in these areas in particular that we have strengthened our relationship with Credit Suisse Fund Services (Luxembourg) S.A., which has also invested heavily in the PE/RE field. MCFM also launched its first Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (“RAIF”) vehicle this year, and is pursuing several projects of this kind.



« In this post-Brexit period, the objective is to be present in two very important European jurisdictions, Luxembourg and Ireland.»



How does MultiConcept Fund Management S.A. fit into the Credit Suisse product line?

Currently MCFM is part of the one-stop services offered by Credit Suisse. All our clients work exclusively with Credit Suisse (Luxembourg) S.A. and Credit Suisse Fund Services (Luxembourg) S.A. This format has allowed us to significantly expand our entity and secure its place in the top ten third-party management companies in Luxembourg. However, in the light of changing market demand, we may also consider breaking down the service offer. In addition to our current offer, MCFM has launched a project to passport its services of UCITS Management Company and AIFM in Ireland via the freedom of provision of services principle.. This project also includes the opening of the market for Credit Suisse (Luxembourg) S.A. and Credit Suisse Fund Services (Luxembourg) S.A. The objective is to be present in two very important fund centers in Europe – Luxembourg and Ireland – especially in this post-Brexit period. We are therefore ideally positioned to deal with asset migration from Great Britain. This presence in Ireland and Luxembourg makes it possible to ideally respond to the needs of our future customers, while expanding our range of products for our current customers.


What opportunities do you see for MultiConcept Fund Management S.A. in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is already an established and recognized centre in the investment fund sector. With Brexit, we expect positive spin-offs for business development in the Grand Duchy. Generally speaking, Luxembourg has always demonstrated innovation and flexibility in order to highlight the financial centre. For Credit Suisse Group, Luxembourg is currently the main platform for investment funds activity. MCFM is a key element in the development of asset servicing and is at the heart of the Group's strategy in order to strengthen its presence in Luxembourg. We therefore foresee a serene and prosperous future within the Luxembourg financial centre.








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