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Georges Muller (cegecom s.a.): the culture of innovation

The number one alternative telecommunications provider in Luxembourg, cegecom cultivates its unique DNA for combining innovation and competitiveness. An interview with its director, Georges Muller.

Could you describe cegecom in a few words?

Private operator, up and running since the telecommunications market was liberalised in 1999, our company quickly demonstrated its extensive know-how and became the first alternative operator to POST. Our activities began in Luxembourg before being expanded to the Greater Region via the artelis group.  Technically, our products range from high-speed connectivity to Cloud solutions, passing through secure data hosting, and not forgetting the exploitation of our own optical fibre network of more than 1,500 km. Our customers - SME´s and large groups in the financial sector - appreciate the tangibility of our slogan: « Connect your business to your future ». Their demands for reliability and forward-thinking matches the DNA of cegecom, which is a Luxembourg player and therefore multicultural and multi-operational. They know cegecom is more than just your average operator.

"The future looks like it will be complex, but fascinating."

​How are the expectations of your customers evolving?  

Perfect high-speed connectivity, combined with security at every stage, remains their leading requirement. Based on our broad experience, we’re always listening and proactively trying to find the solution that best fits the - often highly specific - demands of our customers. For example, we guarantee fully encrypted lines for companies in the banking sector, and storage infrastructures that can respond to the development of Big Data. We know how to stay close to our customers, and we charge competitive prices for customised services. This requirement prompts continuous support for research and development in an ever-changing universe. With soon twenty years of experience, we’ve learned a lot and we remain constantly alert.

What challenges and opportunities do you see for Luxembourg, and for cegecom?

I can feel the pressure weighing on the market, but it’s that very pressure which also generates new ideas! Our departments, which are constantly being restructured, will be able to handle the upheavals being provoked by the advent of artificial intelligence. My engineers will be concentrating more on designing and making available innovative and high-performance services for our customers, rather than on tasks with low added value. This new model for organising our work will generate an increase in productivity. With regard to the Grand Duchy, we fully back the approach of the Government and the players in the sector for developing and promoting the country´s strengths in relation to high-tech. The other challenge lies in mobility. I don’t believe in teleworking when Luxembourg will have 200,000 cross-border employees between now and mid-2019. I prefer that employees work in the office or at the customer´s. The government wins here as well in terms of tax revenue. Instead let´s imagine new mobilities, like self-driving cars! Unquestionably, the future looks like it will be complex, but fascinating. cegecom continues to cultivate the qualities it has always sought to embody: service, proximity and trust.   

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