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Duke spoke to Carne Luxembourg’s Country Head & Group Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Pascal Dufour at their new offices in La Cloche d’Or to find out what the future holds for Carne and for the funds industry in Luxembourg and beyond.

Land of opportunities

The future is Luxembourg. The future is Carne in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is now the European home to private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure funds and Carne is the largest and leading Management Company to these asset classes. We are perfectly matched because we share the same traits, we share the same ambitions. People living and working in Luxembourg have an insatiable appetite and ability to collaborate, invent, innovate, adapt and transform. We have seen Luxembourg’s transformation over recent decades from being synonymous with the steel industry, the funds industry and now space exploration. Creating the future is part of Luxembourg’s DNA, it is also part of Carne’s. We believe that the funds industry of the future will be made up of exceptional people using next generation technology collaborating in a truly agile way. At Carne we are already doing this.Carne is owned and controlled by its own management team. We are fully independent and financially strong, having well in excess of the maximum capital requirement. This allows us the freedom to serve our clients to 2030 and beyond. We are long-term future focused which is why we are investing so heavily in people, technology, operating models and processes. Our investment in these key areas will ensure Carne remains the go-to partner for next generation asset managers.


Luxembourg is at the epicentre of today’s funds industry and Carne has been at its heart for well over a decade. We now boast some of the most experienced, creative and smartest people that Luxembourg has to offer. We are fast approaching 100 people involved in the Luxembourg business. It is a great success story. Our culture of invention and innovation means we are growing exponentially and Luxembourg will continue to play a central role in our expansion globally. Our bi-location, adjacent to the airport and now in La Cloche d’Or means clients can access our expertise with ease. We have built a company to last with a depth and breadth of experience and expertise across multiple disciplines that is second to none in the industry. Combining the sharpest minds with next generation technology in a truly agile business is allowing us to revolutionise the asset management industry, not just in Luxembourg but across the globe.

"Luxembourg is at the epicentre of today’s funds industry and Carne has been at its heart for well over a decade.”

Agility and Innovation

The secret of Carne’s success is people, it is always putting our clients and our staff first. This has always been the “Carne” way. We know that the best people want to work for the best companies. At Carne we demand the best. We only want to work with exceptional people – the future innovators and leaders of our industry. Today our multi-disciplinary teams work cross-functionally to deliver new and innovative solutions that create greater competitive advantage for our clients by making their risk and governance processes faster, leaner and better. In an ever more complex regulatory environment, our clients trust us to optimise their performance, identify cost reduction opportunities and increase process efficiency and ultimately staff productivity. Most companies focus on competitors; we focus on the client. We are genuinely client-centric, we are genuinely long-term oriented and we genuinely like to invent. We recognise that companies of the future, companies built to last, combine next generation technology with outstanding people. With our deep understanding of the funds industry, unrivalled expertise and market leading technology, it is no wonder that the world’s leading asset managers partner with Carne to help them innovate within their own companies. We create diverse multi-disciplinary teams that understand not only the AI and data science, but the cultural, regulatory and business aspects of the funds industry. Our people, processes and technology are delivering the future for the Carne client experience. This is achieved through business agility, innovation, data driven insights and a transformed operationally efficient system. Machine intelligence combined with the problem-solving dexterity of our experts allows us to anticipate clients’ needs and goals, solving potential challenges before they happen.

“Most companies focus on competitors, we focus on the client.”

Beyond regulatory requirements

We are a technology driven professional services provider with a difference.  We believe that ensuring clients meet their regulatory requirements is only part of the story. We go further. Our Client Implemented Solutions team, led by Ross Thomson, works with asset managers creating solutions that allow them to meet their clients’ needs faster and better. Our specialist Service Provider Relationship team, led by Richard Marshall, engage with all global service providers so that jointly we provide a holistic and seamless service to our clients. Whilst our Client Onboarding experts, led by Thérèse Collins, leverage this knowledge to deliver an enhanced onboarding experience. Our Risk and Compliance Solutions team, led by Ankit Jain, are developing innovative new technology driven solutions for our private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure investment managers for which Carne is the largest and leading Management Company to these asset classes.

Next Generation Solutions

Carne leverages its global scale and capabilities to deliver innovative next generation solutions aligned to the needs of our clients and their partners within the wider asset management ecosystem. Our industry leading technology and risk driven platform, CORR, is helping asset managers to revolutionise their compliance, risk and operational requirements. CORR allows asset managers to focus on their clients through automated data acquisition and centralization, real time management information and system driven processes that create greater efficiency and effectiveness. It allows asset managers to not only meet their compliance and regulatory obligations in multiple jurisdictions but puts them in full control of their business, reputational, operational and financial risks. It is therefore no surprise that CORR has become the solution of choice for leading global asset management companies, registered investment companies, investment fund managers, and fund product providers. The funds industry is undergoing a revolution. Asset managers are being asked to meet increasingly complex regulation with a demand for greater transparency. They are facing pressure to reduce fees and produce better performance. Through the creation of “digital alpha” Carne’s next generation people and risk driven technology is allowing asset managers to once again focus on doing what they do best, managing investors’ money. Carne isn’t imagining the future, it’s creating it. The future is now, the future is Carne.

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