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Lex Gielen and Luc van Laarhoven (Capilex): enhancing the mortgage market with tech

Capilex SA, a promising Dutch FinTech which brings state-of-the-art technology to the mortgage market, is setting-up its headquarters in Luxembourg. Interview.


Can you present Capilex in brief?


Capilex is a FinTech which delivers automated mortgage-backed lending, thanks to AI, financial algorithms and legislation including PSD2. For the moment, we are offering our services on the Dutch market. We are a spin-off of Atlantis Financiers N.V, a Dutch company founded in 2013 which provides 3,000 SMEs with various financial services. Clients use Capilex when they want to finance a new project or to refinance an existing one. We onboard them through a digital KYC and they can quickly sign their mortgage contract with a notary and receive the money. Typically, 130% of the loan is guaranteed by the mortgage. Clients not only save time, but we help them to achieve their dreams and to ensure their future, using real estate as a guarantee.  On the lending side of our business, we have institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals who invest in a fast-growing business with a very secure and fully compliant organisation. Our technology enables us to manage all our contracts - and raise potential red flags about our clients or their ecosystem in real time - by automating the analysis of data received from different partners. Banks take months to do this.

“Luxembourg is the perfect place for a FinTech like Capilex to become a global leader.”

Who are your clients? 


Our clients are professional investors, real-estate professionals and small - and medium-sized companies. We are not allowed to serve consumer clients, in accordance with the regulator. We are solely a lending institution and not a bank, which means that we don’t take deposits. Capilex is more flexible, more decisive and faster than traditional lenders and our running costs are considerably lower. More importantly, we offer maximum security to our funding partners by fully pledging the first mortgage rights of our clients. Our success lies in our uncompromising approach to security and quality. By establishing Capilex in Luxembourg, the heart of Europe’s financial market, we want to take this business to the next level by offering both institutional and professional investors a chance to leverage this opportunity in the mortgage market.


What opportunities do you see specifically for your company and more generally for Luxembourg?


Our mission statement is to become the preferred provider of mortgage-backed lending for professionals. We have chosen Luxembourg as we feel that it is the best possible country from which to grow this business, initially in the Netherlands, the Benelux region and then around the world. Luxembourg has excellent financial infrastructure, a forward-thinking community and supportive legislation. Having joined the LHoFT, we feel that we’re in the right place at the right time and that we can become a leader in our field.

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