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Arnaud Lambert (CHAMP Cargosystems): MULTIMODAL INNOVATION

Interview with Arnaud Lambert, CEO of CHAMP Cargosystems, a leading provider of IT solutions for the air cargo industry. Focus on the areas of development for this Luxembourg company with a global presence.


How did a company like CHAMP develop from being a local provider to a world leader?       


CHAMP was developing computer systems before it was founded in 2004 as a spin-off of Cargolux’s IT division. So wWe began with Cargolux as our sole client. Over the years, our solutions for the air cargo industry have enabled us to develop new markets with companies interested in the role our solutions have had in the success of Cargolux and other players including Aeromexpress, Leisure Cargo and Finnair. Subsequently, we enhanced our international development by joining forces with SITA group (Société Internationale de Télécommunication Aérienne), based in Geneva. Our skills, combined with SITA’s global presence, have enabled us to share our solutions with a global network. As our growth and recruitment requirements have evolved, we’ve implemented a strategy to anticipate the acquisition and training of the necessary profiles for our expansion. Based in Luxembourg, CHAMP benefits from the country’s essential linguistic and cultural diversity, essential for working internationally.



“Today we serve 50% of the market’s players and ultimately CHAMP’s information systems cover more than 80% of global freight.”

What role does innovation play in your growth model?


 Innovation is increasingly important within B2B growth. Previously, innovation was focused primarily on technology and products.; n Now it plays a part in all of a company’s processes: customer relations, human resources, capital management and new market approaches. CHAMP puts innovation at the heart of its management.


 How do you envision Luxembourg and, more specifically, CHAMP in 5 or 10 years’ time?


Luxembourg will continue to confirm its status as a skills centre which is worthy of global attention. A significant financial centre, the Grand Duchy is also becoming a globally recognised IT hub. For example, the FinTech and space-mining initiatives take full advantage of the entrepreneurial and innovative resources which the country has to offer. CHAMP is positioning itself to focus on this same area of development. In the next 5 to 10 years, we will continue to build on our achievements, developing in 2 major areas. 1. Becoming a multimodal global leader in air, marine, rail freight and haulage. 2. Developing our position as a provider of IT solutions to become a reference for global logistics information and freight services for all modes of transport. Today we serve 50% of the market’s players and ultimately CHAMP’s information systems cover more than 80% of global freight.

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