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Rotary – Zesummen Ennerwee celebrates its 40th birthday

Among the many activities organised by the Rotary clubs in Luxembourg, ZesummenEnnerwee holds a special place. This year, this day of sharing celebrated its 40th birthday with a visit of Grand-Duke Henri and Grand-Duchess Maria Teresa: report.


Disability and sharing

The concept of this project can be summarised in a few words: Rotarians volunteer to help people with disabilities for a whole day. They meet up in Beringen, near Mersch, take participants to a range of activities around the country: Echternach, Pétange, Mondorf-les-Bains, Remich, Esch, Bettembourg and the Findel Airport. All day long, Rotary members drive, lay the table, cook, serve the meal and clean everything up afterwards! The Horizon Rotary Club was originally behind the idea for the event. Initially, the willing volunteers were somewhat discouraged by the reluctance of professionals who care for people with disabilities. They advised against the event, despite its good intentions, emphasising the expertise required to move and entertain their patients. But the project’s founder, Lucien Emringer, persevered! “I wanted people to open their hearts for a day, rather than their wallets!” The event has been a success from its very first edition.


​ ​"Zesummen Ennerwee: open your heart, not your wallet."

Lucien Emringer


Magical activities

Ten activities were available for the 40th edition: boat rides on the Moselle, horse-drawn carriage rides, rides in classic cars driven by Rotarians, plane flights, motorcycle rides and tractor rides. The Grand Duchy police provide security for the higher risk activities and Rotarians share heart-warming moments with the children. At the end of the day, everyone heads to Beringen for an evening event hosted by the legendary Lisa Mariotto, whose boundless energy always ensures an electric atmosphere, particularly on the dance floor. This event perfectly represents the involvement and commitment of Rotarians whose regular financial donations are closely linked to activities on the ground.


The Rotary organisation in Luxembourg and abroad

Founded in 1905 in Chicago by the visionary Paul Harris, an immigrant lawyer who wanted to serve his community and expand its network, the Rotary organisation now comprises 1.2 million men and women in over 35,000 clubs. Its founder’s original vision remains unchanged: “exchanging ideas, creating heartfelt and long-lasting connections, taking action.” In Luxembourg, the Rotary organisation has 850 members who belong to 16 clubs including Rotaract.

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