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Murjel Breedveld Jagesser and Zuzanna Zielinska-Rousseau (ZEDRA): A helping hand for hands-on, high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) 

According to the top 2 female directors of ZEDRA Luxembourg, Murjel Breedveld Jagesser, Client Director and Zuzanna Zielinska-Rousseau, Director Trust Services, successful entrepreneurs seek a hands-on approach to managing their multifaceted wealth. However, addressing divergent, intergenerational attitudes in wealthy families requires a sensitive balance between traditional and innovative servicing requirements and conventional and more socially aware investment strategies. 

Can you describe ZEDRA’s contribution to the family office environment? 

Murjel Breedveld Jagesser (MBJ): The last decade has seen a global explosion of wealth with much of it arising from starting and running successful family businesses. Entrepreneurs’ hands-on approach to managing their businesses has translated into their desire to oversee their wealth directly through family offices. A growing number of them have turned to ZEDRA, which offers a centralised holistic approach, bespoke services combined with personal care and financial expertise. ZEDRA’s innovative and flexible approach to address the dynamic and rapidly changing economic and regulatory environment, helps families adapt quickly. ZEDRA have the full experience and expertise to tailor their assistance and services to meet both family and business needs. 

“HNWIs have turned to ZEDRA, which offers a centralised holistic approach, bespoke services combined with personal care and financial expertise.” 

What challenges do intergenerational wealth transfers pose and how are they being addressed? 

Zuzanna Zielinska-Rousseau (ZZR): The global wealth management market is changing, as are the ways in which different generations approach investments, as well as the strategies by which wealth is managed. It is a challenge to ensure that while ZEDRA continue to service more traditional clients, ZEDRA also ensure the engagement of the younger generation. ZEDRA achieves this by providing digital tools to develop an engaging and innovative client experience that reinforces the strength of long-standing client relationships. To better engage with and retain future generations as clients, ZEDRA ensures that they fully understand the dynamics of the family. Solving the intergenerational puzzle is not just about catering to different client needs; it is also about flexible communication styles. 

What investment trends do you identify among family-owned businesses? 

MBJ: Families with entrepreneurial roots are drawn to the versatility and potential profitability of special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). Many family businesses have also enjoyed a profitable relationship with cryptocurrencies, which they see as a good investment opportunity. ZEDRA have also seen an increase in interest in sustainable and impactful investing, particularly among family businesses undergoing intergenerational leadership.  

ZZR: Families are gearing up to deploy their capital among eco-conscious businesses tackling critical social and environmental challenges, with the top sustainable investment theme being climate change. We also observe that geopolitical context has an influence on their priorities in terms of investment. From an impact and investment perspective, technology and digital platforms represent a fundamental part of the business landscape. The growing demand for diversity is resulting in wealthy investors becoming increasingly appealed by ethnically and female-led funds. 

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