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Marcel Bartnik (Vandenbulke): Pioneering Tailored Expertise in Luxembourg Law 

Dr. Marcel Bartnik, Partner at Vandenbulke, asserts the firm's recognition as one of Luxembourg's leading independent business law firms, combining deep-rooted expertise with customized client services. 

How does Vandenbulke approach its specialized services in the financial sector?

Since its inception in 2005, Vandenbulke has become a distinguished entity in Luxembourg's financial legal arena, with a particular focus on Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions and Banking & Finance and in January 2024, inaugurated a fully dedicated Investment Funds practice. Each of these critical practice areas is helmed by a deeply experienced partner who leads a select compact team of associates, a testament to the firm's commitment to maintaining expertise and focused attention on every matter. Vandenbulke's reputation in Corporate and Banking & Finance has been solidified over the years with consistent recognition in all major industry rankings. The firm's entering of the Investment Funds sector signifies a strategic enhancement of its services and the offering of a wider and systematic fully-fledged practice. This will reinforce Vandenbulke's pledge to deliver comprehensive legal solutions in Luxembourg's vibrant financial landscape.

Which are the typical clients in your practice and how are their needs evolving? 

My client base consists largely of institutional stakeholders—asset managers, investment advisors, insurers, pension funds, complemented by family offices. A portion operates from Luxembourg, yet our reach extends internationally across Europe, the UK, and into South America. Being a German trained lawyer fortifies my appeal to the German-speaking clientele, who prefer discussions in their native language. Since starting to work as a lawyer the complexity of the investment funds sector has significantly increased, through the expansion of regulatory frameworks within Luxembourg and across the EU. Clients require high-end advice to adeptly navigate this multifaceted regulatory environment. My experience encompasses both alternative and retail investment funds, affording me a distinctive capability to offer strategic, well-informed guidance for the entire Luxembourg investment funds landscape. 


"Vandenbulke’s initiative to crack the full-fledged Investment Funds market is inherent to its commitment to offer comprehensive legal solutions in finance." 

In Luxembourg's competitive legal market, what makes Vandenbulke distinctive?

In Luxembourg's highly competitive legal sector, Vandenbulke distinguishes itself through the collective and sophisticated experience of our partners, amassed over many years and at various leading law firms. Clients expect more than just technical prowess; they value direct access to a partner's seasoned insights for complex issues and swift, precise responses that reflect a pragmatic attitude towards legal challenges. Our firm's ethos is built on small, hands-on teams where partners are intricately involved in every project, ensuring prompt availability to our clients. This commitment to direct engagement and practical problem-solving garners appreciation from our clients and from international law partners relying on our collaborative efforts for cross-border matters.

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