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Jérôme Geier (Value Partners): Pursuing New

Standards in Alternative Investments

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In an enlightening dialogue, Jérôme Geier, conducting officer of VPsf (the regulated entity of Value Partners group) defends: "Quality is achieved through innovation, proactivity and pragmatism." Interview

How does Value Partners set new quality standards in funds?

At Value Partners, the relentless pursuit of knowledge and technological advancement stand as the cornerstone of our strategy, positioning ourselves ahead of forthcoming regulatory changes and client demands. This forward-looking approach not only sets us apart, but it also ensures our clients view us as essential navigators through the labyrinth of mandatory, necessary, and facilitative issues.

For example, we have proactively embraced advanced methods for regulatory reporting, a strategy not currently required by regulations, significantly diminishing risks and operational costs for our clients. This illustrates the commitment to not just respond to the industry's evolution but to anticipate and shape it. This provides clients with a robust framework to manage their growth and compliance seamlessly.

"Innovation requires a high degree of synergy between people"

What role does corporate culture play in this process?

Corporate culture is the bedrock of the innovation strategy, eliminating traditional silos to foster a dynamic innovative and collaborative environment. This strength of our culture lies in our commitment to “working together” which is characterized by minimal personnel turnover and a transparent, barrier-free interaction among departments, which is rare in the industry. We meticulously select our team based on a harmonious blend of values and expertise, supported by continuous development through our training center. This approach ensures that innovation is not just an occasional breakthrough but a consistent output of our daily operations, empowering us to rethink and revolutionize the services we offer to investment funds.

In what ways do you tackle quality and anticipate the future of alternative fund markets?

Quality, to us, is a tripartite paradigm involving innovation, proactivity, and pragmatism. By offering personalized, à la carte services, we ensure that our interventions are precisely tailored to each client's unique needs. Our proactive stance allows us to delve deep into our clients' investments, preemptively addressing potential issues before they escalate. This, coupled with our pragmatic approach to fulfilling exact requirements without overextension, solidifies our reputation for timely delivery. Looking towards the future, we recognize the challenges posed by a maturing market and tightening regulations. By adeptly navigating complex regulatory landscapes and innovatively tackling compliance and growth challenges, clients are empowered to focus on what they do best: growing their businesses safely. Our foresight and adaptability position us to play a critical role in our clients' success, making Value Partners not just a service provider but a strategic ally in the increasingly complex world of alternative investments.

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