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Christian Tailleur, Keimpe Reitsma, James Body (Totalserve): a winning service

Totalserve has grown consistently thanks to its close working relationships with clients, all at a very competitive price. The recipe for success with three of its top executives: Christian Tailleur, Managing Director, Keimpe Reitsma and James Body, Directors.


Totalserve Management started its activity in Luxembourg eight years ago. What is the key to your success?

We have two values which we never compromise on: staff well-being and client satisfaction. The two are linked! To have satisfied staff, working in a nurtured environment where there is space for professional growth, is the key to have satisfied clients. It’s a win-win situation. We hire talented employees who enjoy their work, so we don’t really have to deal with people leaving. To hire new employees on a frequent basis is costly in terms of training and it created a loss of continuity in the business relationship with the client and the administration of the file. At Totalserve, we’re like one big family.


« Our close working relationships with clients and our excellent quality of service make us ideally placed to take on our competitors.” »



How has Totalserve Luxembourg developed?

90% of our new clients come from our existing clientele. Our clients really appreciate how easy it is to get in touch with our staff and to get things done. Totalserve Luxembourg stands out by offering quality service at the best price. The high number of our clients bringing more business to us in Luxembourg, whether they are publicly traded companies, "wealthy" clients or companies of varying sizes, is generating great growth potential. This is why we're planning to move in the near future as to enable us to absorb a steady 10% yearly growth in optimum conditions. We help them to achieve their respective objectives!


What risks and opportunities do you see?

As risks go, companies in Luxembourg are faced with an increase in taxes. They also understand the need for regulations and are happy to pay their dues but they don't appreciate when the rules keep changing. Above all, regulation must protect investors and support growth, which is also in the State's best interest taking into the importance of the Corporate Services Provider sector within Luxembourg's budget. With that in mind, we anticipate a strong development in our activities, because our close working relationships with clients and our excellent quality of service make us ideally placed to take on our competitors.








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