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Torsten Ries (VP Fund Solutions): Giving a Small Country Global Reach 


In the age of global finance, alternative investments are letting Luxembourg and its funds managers punch above the small country’s weight. 

A One Stop Approach 

For customers deciding where to invest their funds, convenience is crucial. They want a provider who can give them the full service, and as Torsten Ries of VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) SA explains, his company does this through its one-stop-shop approach. The company covers the spectrum of services for a fund’s whole life cycle. This includes alternative investment fund management (AFIM) and third party management company (ManCo) services, such as central administration, transfer agency services, and a custodian function. These services are modular, meaning that customers can choose what they need while keeping all their services under one roof. A single specific contact person supports lean, efficient communication on a day-to-day business. Synergies within the service create fast paths for business, cost-efficient working, and a better customer experience. 

"With its one-stop-shop approach, VP Fund Solutions is part of Luxembourg's success story as the world's second largest fund centre." Torsten Ries, VP Fund Solutions 

Local Finance, Global Investment 

This one-stop approach, providing a full range of services in one place, has worked well for the company. “The volume of business has developed very encouragingly in recent years,” Ries explains. UCITS funds, which allow investment schemes to trade freely within the EU, play an important part, but alternative investment funds (AIFs) have also become a central pillar of the company’s services. The number of AIFs managed by VP Fund Solutions has been growing, meaning that the company covers a more diverse spread of economic options. Asset managers, family offices, fund managers, and institutional clients have all come to VP Fund Solutions for investment support. These funds generally focus, directly or indirectly, on private equity, real estate, and infrastructure. And while the clients are European, with most domiciled in Germany and Switzerland and others coming from Austria and the BeNeLux countries, the investments their funds make are global. 

The Alternative Goes Mainstream 

While the “alternative” label might make AIFs sound like an outsider option, they’ve become a central pillar of the investment community and a stable option for investors. Luxembourg in particular is turning into a powerful base for these investments. Its stable political, economic, and regulatory environment has encouraged the development of a strong fund investment sector, with plenty of professional service providers to cover the full fund life cycle. With few language barriers amid a workforce that commutes across borders, the country is a truly international finance centre that can draw on skilled professionals from across the region. Its internationally oriented market has made the country an attractive location to domicile a fund, turning it into the world's second-largest fund centre. Luxembourg’s specific benefits, and the stability of the alternative investment market, have created a strong position for companies like VP Fund Solutions. 

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