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Thomas Lambert (Ambassador) :

Belgium-Luxembourg: Strong Economic and Diplomatic Bonds

Ambassador Lambert Thomas discusses Belgium's influence in Luxembourg, detailing his diplomatic objectives and highlighting the robust economic interactions between the two countries. 

How significant is the Belgian community in Luxembourg? 

Belgian integration in Luxembourg showcases tight bilateral ties, with 25,198 Belgians (3.8% of Luxembourg's population) living there, emphasizing strong community connections. Most are cross-border workers (78%), highlighting economic interlinkage and making up 23% of Luxembourg's non-resident workforce. Belgians rank as the fourth largest foreign community, after Italians, French, and Portuguese. This reflects their significant integration and economic contribution, demonstrating mutual reliance and shared values for collective prosperity. This dynamic relationship boosts economic and cultural exchanges, improving quality of life and strengthening both nations' socio-economic structures. 

What are your main objectives as an ambassador? 

My role as ambassador focuses on enhancing Belgium's economic ties with Luxembourg and facilitating cooperation across various sectors. This involves connecting Belgian businesses with local economic partners in Luxembourg, fostering a network that supports mutual growth. We organize events aimed at strengthening these economic bonds, serving as a catalyst for new opportunities. Beyond economic initiatives, my mission extends to bolstering cooperation in areas such as transportation, research, culture, and defense. Engaging in dialogue with our counterparts before major EU, NATO, or BeNeLux meetings is crucial, aligning our positions to support each other in broader forums.


This collaborative approach has often resulted in successful partnerships, showcasing the effective diplomacy and mutual respect between Belgium and Luxembourg. Our efforts ensure that both countries benefit from a well-rounded and robust partnership. Through these endeavors, we aim to solidify our longstanding relationship, seeking innovative ways to collaborate and support each other on the international stage.

"Strengthening ties in many areas between our two countries is essential." 

How do economic exchanges between Belgium and Luxembourg stand today? 

The economic relationship between Belgium and Luxembourg is marked by a long-standing friendship and mutual respect, with deep historical roots in economic and monetary integration. Our countries share a unique bond, characterized by extensive bilateral agreements that cover various sectors, including industry, digital technology, space, and innovation. The integration of cross-border workers symbolizes our countries' interdependence, vital for our mutual economic prosperity. With significant portions of Luxembourg's exports and imports linked to Belgium, our economic exchanges are a testament to a thriving partnership. This economic interplay not only underscores the strength of our bilateral relations but also highlights the potential for future collaboration, aiming to explore new avenues for growth and development. As we continue to build on this foundation, our goal remains to foster an environment where both countries can flourish, leveraging our historical ties and current collaborations to ensure a prosperous future.

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