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Jean-Jacques Boulanger (Tertia Conseil): Interior Design, Much More Than a Question of Style

The layout of interior spaces is now a success factor for companies. Jean-Jacques Boulanger, CEO of Tertia Conseil, explains all the new functions provided by furniture and fittings. Interview.


Can you describe Tertia Conseil in a few words?

 For more than 20 years, Tertia Conseil has been assisting companies and organizations in welcoming the greater public to their premises through fittings and furnishing of their spaces. Our objective remains to bring our clients' projects to life while respecting their professional challenges. To achieve this we offer design and innovative furnishing solutions, in particular, through the personalization and a careful selection of furniture and decorative objects. Our daily mission is to create a neat, inspiring and innovative design universe.

"Once it has become the trademark of a firm, interior design makes it possible to stand out from the crowd." 

What is the impact of spatial planning on business performance?

According to the 10th Barometer of Absenteeism, poor quality of life at work is the leading cause of absence from work. In neighboring France, for example, this represents 17.2 days per employee per year. The well-being of employees, therefore, has a direct impact on efficiency and productivity. Good workplace ergonomics promote concentration, reduce health risks and reduce the number of sick days. Successful interior design also encourages creativity and teamwork, promoting the rapid flow of information. Finally, furniture and the layout of space become real tools of change insofar as they make it possible to improve a company's image and attract the best talents.


What are the main trends in the field of interior design?

Beyond its productive function, company furniture must above all be hospitable and welcoming. In a user first fashion, it must now meet the expectations of its users, while creating a certain dynamic within the company. This is necessary because, after all, the best ideas come from exchanges and meetings. Accompanying new working methods, furniture is also becoming more agile, modular and flexible. All this in a perspective that combines both body and mind. Currently, we are also seeing an increase in demand for eco-responsible furniture, and personalization remains on everyone's lips. Now it has become a company's signature, interior design is a way of differentiating oneself from competitors and adopting a more virtuous image.

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