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Gilles Moro and Olivier Hoen (SysCommerce Group): The Technical Partner of Payment Establishments and Neobanks 

According to Gilles Moro and Olivier Hoen, who head SysCommerce Group: “The world of cryptocurrencies is set to grow more and more and we want to grow with it by offering a real partnership to our customers.” Interview. 


What is SysCommerce Group's strategy? 

Our group consists of two subsidiaries, Kayros (formerly EMP Corp) and SysPay, an electronic money issuer and payment institution in Europe. 2021 was a pivotal year for the group since two major shareholders joined us, namely Olivier Hoen, former Chief Financial Officer of eBay and PayPal, as well as Ronan Girard, from the world of private banking. In addition, we have adapted our strategy by moving from a position of a payment service provider (PSP) to that of technical service provider. Thanks to our network and our knowledge of the market, we advise our customers – mainly active in the hospitality, rental agencies and e-commerce sectors – to choose the most suitable payment solution for their activity. We then assist them in the technical installation of this PSP. At the same time, SysPay focuses on issuing electronic money and installing payment solutions. 

"Traditional banks do not trust FinTechs, however solvent they may be" 


What are the main trends in the field of e-payment? 

Three main trends are emerging. Firstly, we note that traditional banks are struggling to meet the demands of our partners because they do not place their trust in fintechs, however solvent they may be. We therefore make sure to put them in contact with neobanks and we support them technically in this venture. The second trend undoubtedly remains the need for e-commerce sites to open up payment possibilities with alternative payment methods and cryptocurrencies. We can implement tailor-made, back-offices in a few days thanks to our network and expertise as a former PSP. Finally, we note a growing need on the part of our partners to outsource all the management of their payment flows. They do not want to internalize this part anymore because it becomes increasingly difficult to recruit and retain the necessary IT talent. We therefore propose managing this activity for them in the Cloud. A classic, complete service for an e-commerce site thus consists of opening an account at a neobank, choosing and technically installing the PSP. In terms of rates, we offer remuneration representing a percentage of flows. The costs are thus reduced for sites starting their activities and we offer them a real partnership over time, during which we can grow and evolve together. 


Where do you see your group in a few years? 

Today our ambition is to become the leading technical service provider in Europe in the market between neobanks and fintechs. Our market experience gives us a real advantage in these segments. The world of cryptocurrencies is set to grow more and more and we want to grow with it. Keep in mind that an error in the choice of PSP can be fatal to our customers: On the one hand, they would never be able to touch their money. On the other, it would take them months to switch to a more suitable PSP. In addition, as the financial sector evolves very quickly, we can analyze in an agile way the new means of payment emerging in the market and implement them very quickly for our customers when we have ensured their maturity. This demonstrates that our startup temperament remains anchored in our DNA. 

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