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Petra Besson Fencikova (SGPWM): Investing for a Better Future 

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are increasingly important in the investment industry. Petra Besson Fencikova, Head of ESG Investments at Société Générale Private Wealth Management (SGPWM), discusses the company’s approach to ESG.  

What are the challenges for ESG labels in today's financial landscape?

ESG labels are crucial for keeping faith in sustainable investment, serving as interim custodians of trust and integrity while regulators grapple with how to scrutinize the quality of funds. Several ESG labels have been created across Europe, weaving a distinct narrative that reflects the continent's rich cultural and regulatory diversity. The Luxembourgish LuxFLAG and French Label ISR are prominent examples, each with its unique approach to sustainable investment. The selection of an appropriate label hinges on the target distribution country for the funds. For example, LuxFLAG stands out for international entities, offering a comprehensive approach to ESG compliance and broad appeal to global investors. As sustainable finance regulations continue to evolve, each ESG label adds value to the framework. 

How does SGPWM differentiate itself in terms of ESG criteria? 

At Société Générale Private Wealth Management, we believe that a strong ESG policy is synonymous with long-term sustainable financial performance. Extra-financial information gives us insights

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into companies’ future competitiveness in a changing world. ESG is therefore integrated into our investment strategies whenever there’s sufficient data. We can proudly say that our core strategies are classified at least Article 8 within the SFDR framework and labelled by LuxFlag and / or Label ISR or GreenFin Label. Our responsible investment approach is completed with engagement and transparency. We actively engage with our investee companies to enhance their ESG metrics while working on our own commitments, such as progressively aligning our portfolios with Net Zero. Labelling our strategies with LuxFlag or Label ISR adds transparency, integrity, and trust to our investments. 




“We empower investors to make informed decisions that

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How might SGPWM's ESG positioning impact investor perception and long-term financial performance? 

Reporting is essential to the customer's perception of the impact of investments. Our reports include our policy of normative and sectoral inclusion and exclusion, our voting and shareholder engagement policy and, of course, labelling. Since joining the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, the Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative, the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, and the Fairr coalition, we’ve set goals for carbon neutrality, biodiversity, and a just transition to increase transparency. We monitor key performance indicators to assess the impact of our investments on these issues and integrate them into our ESG strategies.  This robust ESG framework not only informs investor perception but also steers our long-term trajectory. By prioritizing transparency, accountability, and proactive engagement in sustainability, we empower investors to make informed decisions that align with their values and the broader objective of global stewardship.

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