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SGG Crossroads: connecting funds, insurance and private equity

SGG Group is creating an event in Luxembourg, the aim of which is to bring together professionals from all areas of finance with the same desire to develop the country’s financial centre. Interview with Serge Krancenblum, CEO de SGG Group.


Why did you create SGG Crossroads?

As its name suggests, Luxembourg in general and finance in particular are at a crossroads. The alternative funds, wealth management and insurance industries are all facing significant challenges. However, we’ve noticed that the various professions tend to work in silos, which limits the opportunities for partnerships, pooled knowledge and even joint investments. SGG Crossroads aims to create a point of convergence between these professionals to offer them a platform for discussions, networking and very high-level content in every imaginable form: conferences, e-magazines, web TV and social networks.


« SGG Crossroads aims to create a point of convergence between these professionals of the financial centre »



How is this event going to develop?

We’re going to develop it in several ways, throughout the year, culminating with a big event in June. The aim is to offer concise insights with real added value, provided by the best experts in their field, wherever they are in the world. We won’t compromise on that: nobody wants to waste their time listening to speakers who are self-promoting.


How is SGG involved in this event?

We’re actively involved in organising this conference, from its content to its overall design. As part of this, we’re providing the financing for most of its budget over three years and we’ve appointed 360Crossmedia, a company recognised in the world of finance, for having successfully organised – among other conferences - LPEA 360GP View, the first event in Luxembourg to focus solely on Private Equity. We want to bring together all the different players who share our view of the need for discussions between professionals from all different sectors within the financial centre. Consequently, we’re inviting professional associations and companies to join us to make this initiative a success. SGG expanded from 200 to 800 employees within a few years. We hope to be able to contribute to the Grand Duchy’s continuous development, to help us to operate across the globe.

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