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Renaud Oury (SGG Crossroads): finance and sustainability

SGG Group in collaboration with Baker McKenzie, Carne, Deloitte and ING are organising a one-of-a-kind conference in Luxembourg on 26 June 2018 at ING Lux House. Prestigious speakers, such as Sir Bob Geldof, Gina Miller and Nev Hyman will answer the question: ‘Can the finance industry contribute to a better society?’. Interview with Renaud Oury.


Why did you create SGG Crossroads?


As its name suggests, Luxembourg in general and finance in particular are at a crossroads. The alternative funds, wealth management and insurance industries are all facing similar challenges. However, we’ve noticed that these professionals tend to work in silos, which limits opportunities for partnerships, pooled knowledge and even joint investments. SGG Crossroads aims to create a point of convergence between them through a platform for discussion, networking and thought-provoking content in different formats, such as conferences, e-magazines, web TV, and social networks.


"SGG Crossroads will bring together international key decision-makers from the financial sector to stimulate new ideas on how to promote sustainability within the industry"

What is the theme of SGG Crossroads?


SGG Crossroads will bring together key decision-makers from all the financial sector to stimulate new ideas on how to promote sustainability within the industry. Together with our sponsors we firmly believe that improving the bottom line by creating value, ensuring sustainability, and having a positive impact on the community is the only way forward in doing business. To do this, it is key to be able to rely on regulated jurisdictions like Luxembourg. Indeed, regulation is the cornerstone of long term positive investment.

We are honoured to have the echo of this message further amplified by the presence of internationally acclaimed keynote speakers: Sir Bob Geldof, renowned advocate for equitable and sustainable development in Africa; Gina Miller, business woman and transparency activist championing conscious capitalism and the principle of a triple bottom line; and Nev Hyman, award-winning entrepreneur and Founder of NevHouse, a sustainable social enterprise which uses recycled plastic and other eco-friendly materials to create low cost homes, schools, and medical clinics, all this being funded via a Luxembourg fund. They will share with the audience their hands-on expertise in their respective fields of activity and how finance helped them having a real impact on the society.


How is the event organized?


We are all driven by the wish to exchange views and ideas we share on sustainability despite coming from different parts of the financial industry. We have all been actively involved in organising this conference, from its content to its overall design. SGG Group and the sponsors of the conference are providing the financing, the venue and we’ve appointed 360Crossmedia to coordinate the organisation of the conference and provide all-round media support. SGG Crossroads will be unique in Luxembourg and it will attract an international executive audience of 150 participants active in the alternative fund industry, such as financial professionals, lawyers, bankers, auditors, and entrepreneurs.


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