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Serge Revial (Mayor of Tignes): Tignes, a must-see destination in winter and summer.   

For winter sports enthusiasts, Tignes remains a resort of choice because of its breathtaking scenery and friendly atmosphere.  This modern resort lives all year round, through the winter season but also the summer, thanks to a varied range of activities. Interview with Serge Revial, Mayor of Tignes.   

Can you present Tignes in a few words?  


Tignes is a modern international resort, recognised worldwide. This relatively young town, just 60 years old, benefits from a great reputation thanks to the world events it hosts in the joint domain with Val d'Isère. With 6 metres of accumulated snow, 2023 promises to be a very good year for skiers. However, the attractiveness of the town is not only measured by the ski area. 25% of holidaymakers who come to Tignes do not ski. We also offer other activities, in Winter snowshoeing outings, tobogganing for children and adults, our Tignes area and lagoon nautical center, in summer hiking in the mountains or in ski lifts, and our only « plage des sports » to the mountains!!!!! Tignes is becoming a cosmopolitan resort, with the English, Flemish and Belgians choosing to settle here.   

"The artwork "Joy" is the perfect embodiment of this, it has its origins in the Grand Duchy, a project that combines both culture and the magic of the territory."

Maire de tignes mos_edited.jpg

What are the links between Tignes and Luxembourg?  


Tignes has a great reputation in the Benelux. Our Luxembourg friends appreciate the resort enormously because they love skiing and nature. During my career as a hotelier, I have met many of them: loyal customers who advertise the resort well. The links between Tignes and Luxembourg have a future. The artwork "Joy" is the perfect embodiment of this, it has its origins in the Grand Duchy, a project that combines culture with the magic of the territory.    




What would you advise a visitor to do?  


For the more adventurous, I recommend a dogsled ride on the lake then an evening in a yurt, without neglecting to browse our fabulous ski area with a professional. I invite holidaymakers to discover the resort in the summer, both for the choice of sporting activities on offer (mountain biking, fabulous golf, magnificent hikes such as the Grande Sassière), and for the cultural activities (concerts on the lake, etc.). Thanks to its pre-access, the My Tignes card facilitates access to activities such as tennis, swimming, mini golf, and many more.  

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