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Sarah Bovy: An “INTENSUM” pilot

A sparkling pace-setter on racing circuit, the Belgian professional driver Sarah Bovy also provides tailor-made off-track marketing for Sponsors such as INTENSUM.


Can you please tell us your story in a few words?

Although I am the daughter of an ex-racing driver who stopped competing at the age of 36 to concentrate on his family, I had never been particularly deeply involved in motor sport at an early age. Then I discovered karting at the age of 12, much to my father's delight, and everything went very quick! I went on to race in Formula Renault at the age of 15. Since I came from a family with no excessive financial resources, I rapidly discovered to the world of sponsorship. As the only woman in this high-profile championship, I started to receive offers. My career has always been built around meetings and collaborations that came my way. One example is my current partnership with INTENSUM, a human-sized B2B SAP Consulting company specialising in Finance, Intelligence & Innovation. I’m happy that the company main Partners Laurent de Buyser and Michael Diet have trusted me during last years. So far, the highlights of my career included five participations in the 24 Hours of Spa, a title of Belgian Touring Car Champion, a participation in the Asian Le Mans Series on a LMP3 prototype and my qualification for the first season of the W series championship which included the 20 fastest women in the world. Nowadays, I have the chance to participate in the first round of the Le Mans Cup in Barcelona on a GT3 of the Iron Dames Team. During the rest of the year, I am also a factory driver and instructor for Lamborghini.

"I want to find this little spark together with my sponsors, delivering best results on track while sharing my passion."


What can business people learn from a professional driver like yourself?


Like Business, the world of Motor Sport is very demanding. It takes perseverance! Aside pure performance during the races, my experience has taught me that I also have to offer “tailor-made services” to all Partners involved. My objectives are of course aimed at making the best results on track together with great impression on the public, but this comes together with clear communication that can be used easily, both internally and externally by my sponsor’s companies. I want to find that little spark together while sharing my passion. 


What are your favourite drivers and tracks? 


Two great gentlemen have inspired me. Ayrton Senna, died in a race in 1994 when I was 5 years old. His memory cast a shadow over my entire childhood. Far from being the perfect driver, he had a strong temperament with some flaws, but he was deeply human, truly passionate and super talented. He managed to rise above his imperfections to become a world champion. Then the story of Michael Schumacher rocked my adolescence. A hyper-passionate man who was ready for anything to win, which was all part of his character. As for my preferred tracks, SPA-Francorchamps is for me is the most beautiful in the world. Located 30 minutes from our family home, I took my first steps there. In second place comes Immola, where I have been training for years since I started racing for Lamborghini. 


How does a woman establish herself in the world of motor racing?


I've never really asked myself this question. Once I put on my suit, helmet and get behind the wheel, I just go for it and give it my best shot.


What types of training do you use to prepare? 


I favour multidisciplinary sports. Mountain biking, climbing, running in the summer, swimming and cardio-fit in the winter, to stay in top shape. Car racing, and especially Endurance Racing, is a very demanding sport, of course requiring excellent physical condition. 

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