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Ruddy Gasparini (Mebs) : Evolving into a Client Partnershipp in Europe


Ruddy Gasparini, Deputy Chief Financial Officer explains how mebs achieves 95% client retention by anticipating clients’ changing accounting and business requirements. mebs has evolved from a traditional accounting firm to a new breed of consultative partnership delivering proactive and consistent strategy amidst the growing complexity of regulation and governance.

Can you briefly introduce your business?

Mebs foundation in 2008 was a response to the growing demand for genuinely independent non-executive directors who could offer critical, up-to-date strategic, regulatory and compliance expertise. During the early years, our primary challenge was to constitute a diverse team to capitalize on our emerging and specialized knowledge and business acumen to deliver long-term added value. With over 15 years of experience, mebs has established itself as a trusted partner for both regulated and non-regulated entities. mebs offers tailored professional solutions addressing the challenges faced by boards and management teams. meb's unwavering commitment to its founding values has resulted in an impressive 95% client retention rate over the past three years. The consistency of our values led to mebs becoming the first, and still the only, governance service provider regulated by the CSSF

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“We align our services to the evolution of clients’ needs while preserving the essential human approach for a trust-based relationship”  


How do your clients' needs evolve?

Today our clients' expectations are less focused on traditional accounting than on a strategic, consultative partner. Our mission is to free them from administrative constraints and support them proactively and anticipatively. We align our services to the evolution of clients’ needs while preserving the essential human approach for a trust-based relationship. The longevity of our relationships with clients attests our ability to respond to and anticipate their demands. For example, integration of our analytical module into our accounting software offers customers enriched

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What risks and opportunities do you identify? 

Global events compel us to be more critical about transactions, relationships, and anything we may encounter in our mandates. As a PSF we are obliged to detect and assess potential risks for our clients which emphasizes our obligation in relation to AML/KYC. The intensification of compliance requirements has led to an increase in demand for these services. To meet these high standards, rather than limiting ourselves to a simple annual review of our customers' accounts, clients’ assigned account managers now carry out detailed, periodic checks. mebs is adapting to the trends in our sector through internal and external training. Our exchange of know-how between departments strengthens our expertise and we exploit our digital tools to their full potential to meet the growing needs of our customers.

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