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John Psaila CEO (Deloitte):

Adapting with Authenticity

Deloitte stands as a benchmark for innovation in the Grand Duchy, John Psaila, CEO, articulates a vision of agility and sustainable growth, putting clients first and contributing positively to the local business ecosystem. Deloitte's journey showcases a commitment to thrive amidst change. Interview.

How is Deloitte evolving today in Luxembourg?

"Adapting to change is not about losing our essence but finding ways to express it in new circumstances." This is the guiding principle that encapsulates the firm’s evolution: thriving on agility and resilience, dedicated to sustainable growth and placing clients at the heart of our strategy. As a leading employer, the commitment extends to create opportunities for advancement and learning, thereby enriching client service and contributing positively to Luxembourg's business ecosystem. This proactive approach to innovation ensures that Deloitte  leads

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market changes and stands as a catalyst for growth and success in Luxembourg. With a robust foundation and a vision for the future, we're equipped for the opportunities ahead. This journey reflects a commitment not just to adapt but to thrive in changing times, ensuring we remain at the forefront of professional services.

What risks and opportunities have you identified?

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Albert Einstein's insight perfectly aligns with the perspective held. The professional services sector in Luxembourg is navigating a landscape rich with challenges and opportunities in sustainability, digitalisation, and talent attraction. Significant potential exists in sustainability services as scrutiny on business practices increases, demanding authentic sustainable integration. Digitalisation, driven by advancements in blockchain and GenAI, presents clear opportunities for innovation and value creation. We're actively leveraging these technologies, advising clients on their potential, while focusing on investments that offer genuine business value. The challenge of attracting top-tier talent globally also stands out. Yet there's encouragement from the government's recognition of this issue's importance and its prioritization on the agenda. This alignment is crucial for enhancing Luxembourg's competitiveness and attractiveness as a hub for international professionals.

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“Adapting to change is not about losing our essence but finding ways to express it in new circumstances."

Beyond the purely business aspect, how do you address societal issues in your firm?

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi's profound words resonate deeply at Deloitte Luxembourg. The firm has cultivated a workplace valuing authenticity and work-life balance, fostering an environment where individuals feel empowered to bring their whole self to engage and contribute positively to societal change. Internal initiatives and the establishment of the Deloitte Foundation embodies the dedication to making a meaningful impact, aiming to support a wide array of organisations that share our vision for a better society. Our engagement with various local and international organisations reflects our dedication not just to business excellence but also to effecting genuine change in the world. This endeavour to make a lasting difference exemplifies our commitment to building a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

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