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Pierre Thomas (La Vie Est Belle) : A Decade of Luxury Living in Florida


Pierre Thomas, founder and partner of "La Vie Est Belle", is celebrating 10 years of success, which have seen the development of an untapped niche in the Florida market for new luxury single-family homes. 

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The La Vie Est Belle story began in the wake of the US subprime mortgage crisis, with the development of premium renovation and construction projects on top quality sites in the greater Miami area. This is a region renowned for its economic dynamism, advantageous tax system and low cost of living, attracting an ever-growing, high-potential population. 

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"Ten years of creating extraordinary luxury in the heart of Florida."   


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"La Vie Est Belle" works in collaboration with Florida-based development company Sabal Construction and the TOGU Design Miami architectural firm to build and sell villas which feature all the hallmarks of luxury European real estate. This includes interior architecture, design, craftsmanship, and finishes, all carried out to American standards. 


Thanks to the internalization of all key trades, the average construction time for these 500 m2 villas is between 24 and 48 months after the building permit is obtained. Over the past 10 years, La Vie Est Belle has created 27 projects in Florida, with the villas becoming more and more extraordinary as the years go by, and sales prices have soared above $20 million for the latest projects. 

"La Vie est Belle" has an excellent ten-year track record and is currently financing its 27th project. It therefore has a solid knowledge of the local Florida market, working with experienced companies, enabling investors in each project to quickly recoup their capital as well as a very attractive return. 

Our investors are partners in an American LLC dedicated to a project developed over an average of three to four years. They benefit from our experience and a proven model that provides an excellent return when the property is resold to an end buyer. 


The latest construction project is a villa located in Manalapan, north of Miami in the West Palm Beach area. In addition to the features mentioned above, this property boasts a rare configuration with ocean access on one side and a private beach on the other. The project should be completed by the end of 2026, with a selling price of over $30 million. We are currently raising the final equity for this project, as the permit was obtained a few weeks ago.

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