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Pierre Thomas (Eurocom Group): Guiding European Investors to American Investments 

Balancing security and return has led Pierre Thomas, Director of the Eurocom Group, to a specific corner of the US property market. 

Where Are the Big New Investment Opportunities? 

Finding the right balance between security and return is the prime interest of any investor. After several years of financial shocks, and with an economic downturn forecast, many are feeling nervous, but the smart ones are looking at the opportunities recent events provide. For Pierre Thomas, the most appealing opportunity lies in US real estate investments, and in particular co-investing in multi-family projects. “The USA offers much more attractive returns than Europe,” Pierre Thomas explains, “and is far from the current geopolitical context.” Embedded in the real economy and not subject to stock market fluctuations, multi-family property investments offer great security to investors, who become direct co-shareholders in the projects. But it’s not just about making a safe bet. A wider clientele including sophisticated investors are taking an ever-larger interest the returns these tangible investments can provide. "The US real estate sector offers better profitability,” explains Gabriel Amiel, President of the Invest Capital Group. To tap into this opportunity, Eurocom  Group works with experienced companies like Invest Capital. The Group has now completed over 700,000 square meters of property, building up experience in these markets, and is considering expanding this operation through a regulated fund with US projects as underlying assets. 

"The USA offers much more attractive returns than Europe and is far from the current geopolitical context"

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What Are the Advantages of American Real Estate? 

Investing in this sort of project has advantages for a European investor in terms of both security and returns. For security, it increases the diversity of an investment portfolio, reducing reliance on European investments. This minimises vulnerability to significant geopolitical events such as wars and epidemics. Concrete assets such as property are less vulnerable to wider economic shocks, because their returns aren’t correlated to those of the financial markets. This makes them an effective hedge against inflation, a valuable feature in the current uncertain economy. Risk can be further minimised by spreading investment across several projects. But it’s not just about safety. The real estate sector offers a better return in the US than in Europe on short-term investment, as each project is sold to an institutional investor as soon as its units are built and rented out. Soaring costs of ownership and rising rental demand mean that this is all completed quickly, taking an average of four to five years. This lets investors recover their capital quicker than with a traditional investment, while still making an attractive return. The group's value-added arises from its ability to find the right projects and complete them with its competent and experienced teams. Value also accrues from delivering full transparency to investors through accurate quarterly reports.” 



How Can You Get an American Investment Right? 

While an American investment has many advantages, it also has its challenges. It can be hard to oversee a project on another continent, and that oversight is particularly important where construction is concerned. Finding an effective local partner can overcome this, as it oversees the project and ensures operational follow-up. This is why Eurocom Group has been working closely with the Invest Capital Group, a company with 20 years of experience in Florida and all the knowledge that brings. Specialising in the Florida and Texas real estate markets, the Invest Capital Group has been able to respond to changing conditions within the US and particularly those states where the population is growing rapidly due to the advantageous tax system. High property prices and a return to inflation will mean that many individual buyers have to change their plans, turning to rentals instead of home ownership. In this context, Eurocom Group and the Invest Capital Group believe that rents in multi-family properties will rise again over the next few years. These residential construction projects can cater to rental market trends, riding demographic and economic changes to very profitable investment. As Gabriel Amiel says, “In this context where the cost of ownership has soared and rental demand is increasing, American Multi-Family real estate offers a risk protection that is currently highly sought after by investors with very attractive returns.” 


Daytona : Permis obtenu et début des travaux Q2, 2023. 


Davenport / Orlando (Phase 2) : Permis obtenu et début des travaux Q2, 2023. 

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Cape Coral : Permis en cours et début de la construction Q4,2023. 

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