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Fiduciaire Muller et Associés S.A. takes over Pancunia S.A.: third expansion in two months

Fiduciaire Muller et Associés S.A. is acquiring the shares of Pancunia S.A. to create a department entirely dedicated to taxation. This move follows the recent takeover of Fiduciaire Latitudes and a partnership with an operation in Colmar-Berg.


Why this take-over?


The world is changing rapidly and this is impacting the way chartered accountants operate regarding accounting and compliance, taxation and digitalization. Fiduciaire Muller et Associés S.A. responds to these new imperatives with the take-over of Pancunia S.A. at the tax level. Paul Chambers – the founder of Pancunia S.A. in 2013 – becomes a partner at Fiduciaire Muller et Associés S.A. and takes over the management of this newly created tax department. This take-over is a natural evolution for both firms. It enables Pancunia S.A. to join a firm with which it is perfectly aligned, and it sees Fiduciaire Muller et Associés S.A. enlarge its team. The clients of Pancunia S.A. will now have all the services of a modern chartered accountant, and those of Fiduciaire Muller et Associés S.A. will now have at their disposal a department of excellence for all matters related to direct and indirect taxation.

This acquisition of Pancunia S.A. comes in addition to three other significant projects carried out by Fiduciaire Muller et Associés S.A. over the summer of 2020: First, the integration of Fiduciaire Latitudes, which brings geographical development in the north of the country; Second, a partnership with an accounting office in Colmar-Berg and finally the launch of AccountTech SàRL with other partners, enabling the promotion of tools such as, and, while developing solutions to make compliance (KYC, AML) and financial analysis simpler and more intuitive.

Benefits for all


The benefits of this approach for customers are clear: they benefit from an expanded team, which is even stronger and more forward-looking. More than ever, Fiduciaire Muller et Associés S.A. is at their disposal to help them solve the challenges of developing a business in the Grand Duchy. Chartered accountants are not the only ones affected by the transformation currently underway: manufacturers, craftspeople, SMEs and companies of all sizes and sectors must today re-evaluate their business models and implement the necessary modifications and investment. In this context, a modern chartered accountant and state-of-the-art tax practice helps them make the right decisions by providing them with the necessary analysis of their financial situation (reporting, cash flow, risk management forecasting).

About Fiduciaire Muller et Associés S.A.

Fiduciaire Muller et Associés S.A. brings together a team of complementary experts (economists, computer scientists & accountants) at its two sites in Strassen and Larochette. Its role is to provide its clients with meaningful data to help them make the right decisions. To do this it combines 3 elements: 1. a well-defined and well documented methodology 2. Proprietary IT tools 3. A motivated team.


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