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Georges Engel (Ministry of Labour): Supporting the Changing Work World 

For Georges Engel, Minister of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy, "It remains essential to offer each employee the possibility of developing their skills and adapting to the new realities of the professional world." Interview. 

Can you describe your background in a few words? 

I did initial training as a social hygiene assistant. I joined the LSAP in 1993 and was first elected to the municipal council of Sanem in 1997, before becoming mayor in 2005. My first swearing-in as a deputy dates from 2012. In 2020, I left the function of mayor of the commune of Sanem after having accepted the post of President of the socialist parliamentary group. In the Chamber of Deputies, I also assumed the role of Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee On Work, Employment and Social Security. 


 "I am convinced that high social standards must be guaranteed throughout Europe" 



What is your vision for the Ministry of Labor? 

The Ministry of Labor defines the framework applicable to the daily working life of all employees in the private sector in Luxembourg. This represents a huge responsibility. During my term of office, I will try to focus on a few priority subjects, such as continuing education. In a rapidly changing world of work, I consider it essential to offer each employee the opportunity to develop their skills and adapt to the new realities of the professional world. I want to continue the work started by my predecessor, Dan Kersch. A bill against moral harassment at work has been tabled and I want the parliamentary work relating to it to move forward quickly. I set myself the same objective regarding the bill aimed at establishing a right for employees to disconnect. The emergence of teleworking during the health crisis has clearly shown us that it is absolutely necessary to resolve this phenomenon in order to protect employees. 

How would you define Luxembourg's labor and employment policy at a European level? 

I attended my first EPSCO Council recently and in this context, I underlined the need to give more prominence to the social dimension of the European Union. It is in this order of ideas that I want to influence European policy. After the health crisis, the repercussions of which are still being felt in the world of work, the crisis in Ukraine is now of concern to us. Luxembourg will do everything possible to support the people affected by these two crises. In a more general context, I am convinced that high social standards must be guaranteed throughout Europe.  

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