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Michael Riedl (Team Internet): The Connective Power of Dreaming Big

In a global marketplace, there are limits to how much anyone can achieve on their own. That’s why, for Michael Riedl of Team Internet, dreaming big is all about connecting people. Interview.


Could you provide a brief introduction to Team Internet?

Team Internet Group, listed on the London Stock Exchange, creates meaningful and successful connections: businesses to domains, brands to consumers, publishers to advertisers, enabling everyone to realise their digital ambitions. The Company is a leading global internet solutions company that operates in two highly attractive markets: high-growth digital advertising (Online Marketing) and domain name management solutions (Online Presence). In Online Marketing, we create AI-generated and privacy-safe online consumer journeys that convert general interest online media users into confident high conviction consumers through advertorial and review websites. In Online Presence we are a critical constituent of the global online presence and productivity tool ecosystem, where the Company serves as the primary distribution channel for a wide range of digital products, primarily domain names. Today the company employs more than 900 people in offices spanning from New Zealand to Canada and generates north of USD 800 million in annualised revenue.

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“We act like owners, have the courage to do the right thing, and build products that we are proud of.”

Michael Riedl, Team Internet 


How would you define the concept of "Dreaming Big"?

At Team Internet, "Dreaming Big" has always been our strategic compass. From day one, our sights were set on the global market, fully aware that leadership in our chosen sector meant succeeding in the competitive US market. We've never shied away from this challenge, understanding it as a crucial step to becoming a global market leader. This ambition drove us to forge strategic partnerships with titans like Google and Amazon, alliances that have been pivotal in our journey. It is our conviction that to be a winner, you must be able to partner with winners. This conviction is led by our core values: we act like owners, have the courage to do the right thing even if it is hard, and build products that we are proud of. Our ambition is nothing less than to be the best at everything we do. 



What potential opportunities and challenges do you foresee for Luxembourg and companies like yours?

Luxembourg, a nation that has always aimed high, played a pivotal role in founding the European Union, launched RTL to the forefront of European broadcasting, and propelled SES to global satellite prominence. The country also serves as the headquarters for world market leaders such as ArcelorMittal and Amazon EU or specialists such as Ceratizit. And it stands as the financial 'Silicon Valley' for investment funds. Luxembourg's trajectory has been marked by its swift, adaptable, and welcoming business climate. Yet, as we look to the future, there's a subtle but pressing need to revisit and realign with the bold innovative drive that has defined Luxembourg's success. It's crucial to avoid resting on our laurels to ensure we continue to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape. For Team Internet, I embody this value. For Luxembourg, I am hopeful that the new government will contribute its part.

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