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MC Square: Tailor-Made Third-Party Management Company and AIFM

André Lecoq, CEO of MC Square Group, Chairman of MC Square S.A and Monica da Fonseca, Conducting Officer and Head of Sales and Distribution, describe the innovative strategies and core values driving the company’s success in the competitive landscape of third-party management companies. Interview.

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Can you describe MC Square’s journey to becoming a leading third-party management company and AIFM?

We began in 1988 as Callander Manager. Following MC Square’s takeover of Callander Managers in 2015, we obtained an AIFM license to manage a variety of fund strategies: Real estate, private equity, debt, fund of funds, and hedge funds. We have built a diverse talent pool of 42 skilled professionals, including 13 nationalities, and boasting experience of over 350 years. This expertise serves as the bedrock of our strong growth trajectory. As a "SuperManCo," MC Square manages, with its client asset managers, investment advisors, or family advisors, over 100 sub-funds with approximately €10 billion in assets under management (AUM).

How does MC Square maintain its operational excellence?

Operating within a regulated environment, our primary focus is on safeguarding our funds’ investors. The pillars of our operations are fund structuring, investment execution, risk management, fund governance, valuation, and distribution. Our diverse teams of seasoned professionals from the financial sector, bring a wealth of expertise to our comprehensive suite of services. We have continuously invested in advanced tools, seamlessly integrating solutions ranging from investment execution to risk management, coupled with tailor-made reporting. Our digitized processes enable us to oversee the diverse service providers chosen by our clients. This ensures transparent, well-informed, and unbiased decision-making. Our robust infrastructure allows us to stay adaptable and vigilant as we navigate the ever-evolving market landscape.


“There is a growing demand for partnering with an independent management company or AIFM.”

How does MC Square accommodate the ever-changing needs of its clients?

There is a growing demand for partnering with an independent management company or AIFM. Our strength lies in treating clients, asset managers, and investment advisors as partners. Our clients are part of us, and we like to believe we are part of them. Our partners appreciate our entrepreneurial spirit that carefully considers risks, regulations, and opportunities. As each partner is different, we don't believe in a “one-stop-shop solution.” Our mantra has always been, "You like it, or we change it." Our mission is to empower our clients’ decision-making by providing bespoke solutions. We achieve this by synergizing our in-house expertise with carefully chosen external service providers, in collaboration with our clients.

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“Our partners appreciate our entrepreneurial spirit that carefully considers risks, regulations, and opportunities.”

How do you approach your clients internationally?

Luxembourg’s inherent attractiveness used to be relied on by management companies and other service providers to develop their businesses. It was not uncommon for clients to come knocking without the need for significant commercial investment. Our commitment to genuine alignment with our clients means we acknowledge the significance of proximity. We embrace a proactive approach, engaging with both existing and potential clients. MC Square’s recent establishment of a representative office in the US has already yielded valuable insights. We believe this model can be duplicated to elevate our market visibility and recognition.

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