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Economic Development: Promoting the Top150 companies powering the Luxembourg economy.

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In a highly competitive economy like Luxembourg’s, it is sometimes not enough for firms simply to be successful in their own spheres. Luxembourg’s Top150 awards not only identify the Duchy’s leading companies but give them the independent recognition and accolades that promote business excellence and facilitate choices of the most respected business partners.


Could you introduce Top150 in a few words?

The Top150 awards were instituted to reward the 150 Luxembourg companies that are making an outstanding contribution to the economic development of Luxembourg. The awards are unique insofar as they seek to create an independent and unbiased selection that is not influenced by sponsors. This differentiates them from conventional business rankings and awards. The awards are based on objective criteria. These include tangible measurements such as the number of employees working in the companies and their profit performance based on balance sheets. The awards disregard any attempt to rank the companies – they are recognized in their own rights and listed in alphabetical order. A strong focus is made on private companies, rather than the state-owned institutions created to support their efforts.


"The Top150 are recognized in their own rights and listed in alphabetical order”


What can we learn from this Top 150?

The companies are nominated in 15 categories with ten winning companies per category. The categories represent a broad cross-section of sectors, from technology, manufacturing, the legal profession, media, banking, private equity, consulting, corporate services, asset management, third-party mancos, insurance, real estate, restaurants, shops, and art. The Luxembourg Top150 awards create an opportunity to discover little-known and discreet companies that contribute to Luxembourg’s economic development. The awards will also recognize large firms for their contribution such as Amazon, which boasts nearly 4,000 employees, and Goodyear with 3,490 employees. The awards have an important long-term ambition to become the reference that accurately and objectively rewards companies that participate in the economic development of Luxembourg.


Where is the event?

The Top150 awards winners will be announced at 6 pm on Wednesday 30 November at Cercle Municipal. There will be an introduction, followed by a panel discussion including Philippe Seyll (Clearstream), Shiva Dustdar (EIB), and Winkie Choi (Amazon) moderated by Jim Kent. This will be followed by the Top150 Luxembourg Official Award ceremony which aims to be highly insightful. Jim Kent will share the main take-aways in each category. All winners will collect their award and visit the photo studio during the walking dinner.

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